Hi all, This is @ajroach42. We're having a brief outage. Not sure what the cause is. At work, so I can't poke at it too hard.

Going to reboot the server and if that doesn't solve it I'll fix it after work.

Looks like Retro.social just went offline?

I'm at work, so I can't really fix it right now.

I'll check my logs and see if anything obvious stands out.


i like the kind of programming where you get a block of memory and do things to it. you put numbers into the block, and you use numbers to select where youre putting them! anything more abstract seems insufficiently 'real'. if i call someone elses function, who knows what they may be doing with the bytes!!!! i cant trust em. i need to see the bytes

Which means! I'm back on the BBS jam.

Okay, I have mystic installed.

It's a Big Ol' Software Package (BOSP ™) and I don't know enough about it yet.

Any of you Mystic BBS experts?

Anyone want to help me learn this stuff?

Today's illustrated haiku! I was listening to lots of Orbital and Vangelis whilst making this.
my account > instagram.com/oh_hai_ku

#mastoart #art #digitalart


Anybody in Boston area want a #job?

Looking for (approximately):
* VR software developer
* Front end web dev?
* Industrial design and UI / UX
* MechE
* Robot assembly technician

We make robots that go inside people and fix them which is #cybre AF

also you get to work with @banks and @amsomniac

DM for deets

warning: squid zone enclosed Show more

@ajr Not unless I cheat and open the URL from the search bar.

Still waiting on DNS propagation.

Here's a news story about a guy running a bot net in an advertisement to server a torrent.


Sounds like a solid hosting platform to me.

Hi Everyone! Shaking off the cobwebs!

I really do love the theme running on Cybre.Space. Such a pretty instance.

My main instance is down while I do dumb stuff without a safety net, because that's apparently a thing I'm okay doing on software when I'm the only user.


Anyway! I'm here again until the migration finishes, and then probably until DNS propagation finishes.

(But I just couldn't resists those new DO deals, not even for one more day!)

Okay everyone!

I'm doing something dumb!

I'm going to migrate my mastodon environment over to a new droplet.

This will result in some downtime, because I didn't have a floating IP address set up.

I'm also setting up a floating IP address so there won't be any downtime the next time I do this.

As a result, if you need me for the next ~12 hours, probably best to try me here and at @ajr


`Remove cached remote media attachments that are older than NUM_DAYS. By default 7 (week)`

rake mastodon:media:remove_remote


NUM_DAYS=30 rake mastodon:media:remove_remote

Hi folks! Can anyone tell me what the thing I need to do is to have my instance purge old media files?

We're at like 80% disk usage, and I'd love to fix that.

K. Getting ready to update to 2.0

Hopefully any downtime will be minimal.

If you're a retrosocial user and you're online right now, expect weirdness.

If anything goes belly up, check @ajr for updates.


I know a lot of things about things that many other people tend not to know as many things about. This is mostly because of the ways in which I am non-neurotypical, and how that leads me to research stuff.

Some of the guys at work have been trying to get me write works of non-fiction about some of the stuff I know, but that seems like a lot of work.

I was thinking maybe I'll just start doing powerpoints.

What do you think?

Fucking Fuck I'm still mad that the Paley center and UCLA's Media lab are holding the only known copies of hundreds of public domain TV shows and movies hostage, and if they are undertaking digitization or preservation efforts, they aren't sharing them with the world.

Who do I complain to? How do I fix this?

UCLA has 300 kinescopes of DuMont broadcasts in their archive.

There's a high likelihood that all 300 of these are 1) entirely unique and no other copies exist anywhere in the world. 2) 100% in the public domain.

How many of them are on UCLA's YouTube channel?


In the age of the internet, in the age of YouTube, how do you justify keeping these things locked away?

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