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War Games is cool as fuck, I loved it!

This made me reminiscent of , I guess this time (?)

"Greetings Professor Falken
How about a nice game of chess?"

Thank you everyone who participated of today!

It was my first time watching it and I'm happy to have watched it with you all!

"The liberty of press is at risk"

Sounds familiar...

Yesterday I watched Blade Runner for the first time thanks to @terceranexus6 and it's a dope movie indeed.

Tonight I might watch WarGames since I couldn't watch it the past hehe

I loved watching the film all together folks, this is actually the first film I've watched as part of and I really enjoyed it!

I'm looking forward the next one!

So I arrived a bit late home so I watched half the movie at 1.5x speed so I could keep it up with you guys

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