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I've been experimenting a bit with generating bitmap images and these are some I got that looked cool.

I'm working on a cooler project but this is just the first step 😏

A few months ago I decided I should take notes of things that I might forget how to do.

I just needed to make a rebase to modify an old commit from a repo so I took advantage and took some basic notes.

I'm happy that I'm sticking to it and the notes are starting to grow :v_claw:

UPDATE: I fixed it!

How? That we'll find out tomorrow, now I should get some sleep

Okay so I tried submitting my first ever gentoo bug report and

I think the bug was my fault

I also added a comment half written because I sent it by mistake before I was done writting it

I'm panicking a bit and trying to find if the bug is on my side or upstream

eurovision related 

New european map just dropped

food (vegan) 

Sooo, today I bought a burger press and made some oat burgers.

This is the result!

"Where did this function come from and why are the variables in swedish?"

Honestly I'm proud of this, better start eating before it gets cold :P

Literally every bard ever (no offense, I love the class)

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