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Culture has no property.

Sharing is not stealing.

"Piracy" does not harm anyone.

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Friendly reminder that you shouldn't post anyone's face online without their express consent :heart_cyber:

Here's a new kind of commission I've done - I was asked to redesign the icon for Tusky (, the open source Android Mastodon client, based on their mascot.

This redesign includes a themed icon for Android 13+ and a cute new notification icon ^^

It's not in the app yet, but it will be soon!

apparently wikipedia editors are having an evangelion congratulations scene for the first person to change "Queen Elizabeth is" to "Queen Elizabeth was"

I'm ordering old pictures and whatnot and I got nostalgic

vantablack doing gender selfie (cw: eye contact) 

heyyo!!! 🖤

On one side I think I might enjoy the experience of a single-user instance and maintaining it could be an interesting challenge.

On the other side I really like the community part of fedi and think it's cool and important so I wouldn't really want to lose that.

In light of's impending doom, I'm investigating (lightweight) servers to run on my (shared) web host ideally that I can use with @tootapp (not a dealbreaker if I can't). Any assistance, insight, and/or recommendations anyone might provide would be greatly appreciated! :boost_ok:

## Requirements

I am able to run , , , and apps, but I'd prefer PHP or Node apps because I know those languages. I have access to MySQL for databases, 1GB of RAM to work with, and ~20GB of storage space total (not a dealbreaker, I can get more).

In addition to this, I need something that's 1) low maintenance, 2) easy to manage, 3) fairly reliable, and 4) storage-friendly.

## Nice-to-have

Single-user servers intrigue me, so I'd love to use one of those if possible. I love Misskey's emoji reactions, but I hear Misskey is a heavy mess of an app and the single-user Dolphin fork appears to be dead now. Anyway, suggestions in that direction would be cool.

Thanks in advance!

with a name like Vulture, it kinda feels like it implies that I'm a goth girl. maybe that's something I should go for at some point

Imagine a goth fem enby named Vulture.
Pretty awesome idea, right?

Since is closing I'll be looking for a new instance to call my new home in the following days, I'm thinking this is a nice opportunity for a semi-fresh start and kind of a reset.

I want to thank @chr and @nightpool for these awesome years and their incredible work administering what has grown to be a huge instance.

It saddens me a bit to say goodbye to and I hope we can all find places at least half as cool and awesome as has been.

I'll notify when I find a new place to call home. See you all on the fediverse soon :heart_cyber:

Good morning everyone I hope your having a good day/night :) I’m having a very good weekend so far I’m enjoying my mac Mini there is so much cool stuff you can do on this small computer :) I wish there was a app for accessing the fediverse. That would be cool. Your all loved and please remember to stay hydrated and to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Here is your daily science fact!!! :-) Germanium is a chemical element with the symbol Ge and atomic number 32. It is a lustrous, hard-brittle, grayish-white metalloid in the carbon group, chemically similar to its group neighbors silicon and tin. Pure germanium is a semiconductor with an appearance similar to elemental silicon.

This afternoon while I was installing a colorizer vim plugin I realized that it didn't support 0xRRGGBB hex color codes so I forked the repo to try add that support.

Oh my, changing things is easy but knowing where to change them... that's the hard part.

going to bed. raise your hand if you sleep hugging a plushie you are my kind of people

I've been experimenting a bit with generating bitmap images and these are some I got that looked cool.

I'm working on a cooler project but this is just the first step 😏

Me, a simpleton: "Posting is in fact a form of performativity. Not only do you communicate your thoughts but you also perform social function and fulfill certain expectations…"

You, an intellectual: "bepis"

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I am an eldritch god borne of federation and a few lousy wires

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