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Culture has no property.

Sharing is not stealing.

"Piracy" does not harm anyone.

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It'd be nice if when posting food (more specifically dead animals) you do so with a proper CW, I don't really like that stuff on my TL and will probably unfollow/mute you

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Any accounts posting explicit toots without proper CW will get muted.

Like, please, it's not that hard, use CW

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My account is basically a series of incoherent toots alternating the privacy setting god knows why and the account set to private so if you want to have the extended version you need to follow me.

Universe's weird man...

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Friendly reminder that you shouldn't post anyone's face online without their express consent :heart_cyber:

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Ahora que habemus mas gente ac谩 podemos hacer kdd tooteras como las de los tiempos de twitter...

Pero ahora mejor que en un parque quedamos donde un deshaucio y ya de paso hacemos algo productivo

@BerdaderaH hey no s茅 si sabes muy bien como funciona mastodon, pero si todo el mundo centraliza la red en un mismo servidor es como tener twitter 2.0 administrado por otra pe帽a y con los mismos problemas!

Hey! Bienvenides! A les que acab茅is de llegar sab铆ais que Mastodon es una red federada?

Esto significa que no hay un 煤nico servidor/dominio que participe de ella, sino que es una comunidad de muchos peque帽os "mastodontes" que interact煤an entre s铆! es s贸lo uno de estos dominios! Pod茅is encontrar muchos m谩s en

Os animo a entrar y encontrar la instancia que m谩s se adapte a vuestras preferencias!

Yes or no?

I've recently discovered a game on telegram called Chat Wars and it seems pretty cool.

It's a roleplaying game where 7 castles exists and there's a great war every 8h, in between you can go to the forests or fight on the arena and things like that.

I joined the dragonscale castle, people are very nice there!

I enjoy a nice relaxing bath from time to time

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Sometimes I feel like I'm missing part of my social interaction due to not having accounts at the standard social networks (twitter, instagram, whatsapp, facebook, etc.) and I don't really know how to feel about it.

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