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can we stop trying to make enemies out of comrades only like 10y younger than us already. don't tell them they're dumb at computers unionize with them

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"zoomers don't know what a file is and i don't normally do this but I Have Concerns" is some silly attempt at generational culture war bs when my generation couldn't computer either

like i had a friend in college who thought the files were saved "in" ms word, fuck you mean the kids only think in apps

Riffing off it 

I half turned as I put my hand on the door handle, the cheap tavern reek of pipesmoke and spilled ale mixing with the subtle criminal odor of old blood and almost describable food in the suspiciously wide brick alley. The dame looked nervous, but did an admirable job of not giving away where her purse hid in her robes. “Be careful, but nobody is going to rob you here. They're..." I hesitated, finding the... not right, but polite words. “honest criminals around here." Whoops.

The handle swung down without warning and only experienced instincts, finely honed by constant failure, made me flinch back and to the side, narrowly dodging a metal clad fist, only to be swept off my feet and into a wall. The sister of that fist stopped in front of my nose, the wands strapped to the gauntlet beginning an omnious hum as their spells fed on lethal intent. And with that, the Mad Lass, Vera Hawk, stood before us in casual glory.

“you idiot!" She yelled. “you come here without the 6 beers you owe me?! I could forgive the late money, but the beer? After all that trouble with the priestess last time?!"
Standing up, I couldn't help but mutter “What trouble, with the looks you kept giving each other." I looked at my client. "Trust me, with your requirements, she fully provides most of what you need while I do the job. Vera, this is—"
“don't care" she interrupted “just another of your charity cases"

There I was, about a dozen crossbows pointed straight at me.

One brute of a Town Guard stepped forward, grinning a big dumb ugly grin-- short by about a dozen teeth.

"Where's your magics now, Spell-Boy?" he wheezed. The fading light I had conjured glittered across his chainmail-- more rust than real steel by this point. "The Baron wants'ta talk, friend."

Fat chance. I balled one hand into a fist beneath my cloak.

Still had one spell slot left, a big one.

And I don't use cantrips on cops.

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Whenever I hear an autistic person say "ok, so" during a conversation, I get very happy, as I am about to learn an entire semester's worth of information in the next 15 minutes.
The most wonderful phrase.

She was tall, and the pointed hat only made her look taller. She lit her cigarette-- firing the spark from her finger like a loaded gun.

Was it her perfume I smelled, or was she just in my head?

Could I be sure she was even there, or just an illusion?

I leaned back, tried not to let my unease show. Here was a dame who could leave you with nothing but a pocketful of cantrips, and a heartful of regrets-- and youd never even know her name.

Of all the towers in the land, she blinked into mine

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FYI to non-autistics, whether or not an autistic person is nonverbal is not the only indicator of how much daily support we need. I can usually talk (quality varies; typing is easier) but I cannot live alone and have a good quality of life. I need someone to live with me to help me take care of myself. On the other hand, there are also nonverbal autistics who can live quite independently. Every autistic person is different: 'high functioning' and 'low functioning' are lies and far too simplistic to describe how different each autistic person's needs are.

revolutionary new product idea 

society, but not hostile to queer people

Like, it is just a very different thing, not having to stop somewhere during my local life to fuel my car.

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Fuck gas stations.

A friend is loaning me a 48A Clipper Creek EVSE until I can buy an EVSE of my own (basically no one has 48A ones in stock right now).

"look, it's all just really simple math when you boil it down"

wait until you hear about how a cpu works :O

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like, i don't think you can say that dall-e 2 is creative like a human is, but at this point all the "bro it's just matrix multiplies and pointwise nonlinearities bro please it's not really interesting bro it's so simple" is kind of grating

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honestly if there's one thing to come out of dall-e 2 i hope it really puts to bed the idea of "oh our current AI systems can't create new art, it can only output modified versions of what was in the training data"

i think it's cool how the ex cyanogen founder/lead is a trans woman, not enough people know this

i have a novel idea — how about we don’t try to convince people that their adaptations, access needs, coping tactics etc are bad because they’re inconvenient to you in some way or because you disagree on it’s importance??

this is very much too common and ultimately translates into the “im disabled so i need x” and “x is bad for the environment/city/makes other disabled people look bad/is annoying to me/etc etc”

PSA: your depression medication (SSRIs) can make you more susceptible to harm from the sun. Wear your SPF, friends ☀️🧡

@swiff to add to this, just because a creator turns out to be a horrible person doesn't automatically make their work bad even if you no longer want to engage with it

You are allowed to not like people

You are allowed to simply have clashing personalities with someone

It does not make you or the other person inherently bad people to just not get along

You do not always need to justify your dislike in the court of public opinion or even announce it in any way.

Look, I'm sorry, but I *only* repair swords. I make this very clear in my listing. If you need work on anything other than a sword go to a different smith. Don't leave me a bad yelp review just because you've got an axe to grind

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