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Yeah yeah ik hitting 8 months hrt is another milestone, but don't you think everyone throwing massive parties with fireworks and stuff is a little excessive? Like I'm flattered but still,,,

Code ordered logically: Doesn't work.
Code ordered in a way that seems to break things: Works perfectly.

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The two genders are:

Frictionless flywheel kinetic battery

Liquid hydrogen fuel cell

"new year new you," i mutter, as i empty another barrel of TF pathogen into the city's water supply

i encourage what i like to call "textile based natural selection" in my clothing items, basically if it can't survive the washer on hot and the dryer it didn't deserve to be my clothing in the first place

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The status quo fights the mere *presence* of queers in mainstream media because social pressures and learned perceptions can keep one from even *realising* they are not straight/cis.
"Furry turned me gay" No, no it did not. It just did not lie to you, and that was enough

The generic early game fetch quests would be about debris removal, and the game never needs to bother generating debris for this. Clearing the perpetually growing scrap rings remains a viable source of parts/income all the way up to the endgame content - fighting the deep space kraken

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Can you imagine the absolute glorious carnage that a massively multiplayer KSP would be? I have no idea how it could possibly work without time acceleration, but surely there must be a way

the transfeminine urge to assert transfemininity as a prerequisite for your hobbies and proclivities so you don't have to think about how, for every you, there's a hundred cis boys doing the exact same stuff you do, but with less interesting socks

Let’s get mischievous, and polyamorous, wine and women and wonderful vices. Welcome to the cult of Dionysus 🎶

my favorite part of being trans is before you realize you are trans when you're like "god i wish i was trans. being trans would be so cool oh my god. sucks that that can't be me"

This Christmas Eve, as always, pondering: if the star in Arthur C. Clarke's "The Star", as James Davis Nicoll has pointed out, evolved & went nova far too fast for an advanced civilization to develop…who planted all that archaeological evidence there???

In my opinion the likeliest explanation is that it is the work of a demon specifically to make the main character lose his faith, and the logical next step is to exorcise the entire system. In this essay I will

#sff 🐘

Periodic reminder that "Just google it" is dangerous advice. You're asking someone with professed ignorance of a topic to wade through a sea of adversarial SEO hacks and deliberate misinformation. This is how people fall for e.g. the propaganda from Autism Speaks.

cooking with recipes annotated by my past self so long ago that i've entirely forgotten the details

just have to trust that, where she's crossed out or written over words, quantities, or whole lines, she was there and she knew what she was doing

and where she's written "super good, make this again"

so far she hasn't been wrong

I maintain that Jolene by Dolly Parton is about being too shy to ask for a threesome directly

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I really like the micro Slimrun cables from monoprice.

Making my rack patch panel more visible with no degradation of service.

lewd tech nonsense 

@lyds coworker: "okay, what are the repro steps?"

me: "ummm, ahhh, ummm," 🥺 face, 👉👌 gesture, repeated

lewd tech nonsense 

goes to file a bug report

"steps to reproduce:"

*sweating nervously* uh hahah yeah we all know what sex is so there's no need to make me say it haha

(made boostable by popular demand)

just learned the 68000 is 42 years old now and instantly crumbled to dust

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