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Hot taker: “the problem w/ open source is…”

Me: no, it’s time and money

HT: ok but what abo…

Me: no, it’s time and money. Everyone is telling you it’s time and money.

HT: surely it’s…

Me: what is motivating you to pretend it’s something other than time and money?…

"If you think men want to be women because women look better, then you've never been a man."

- Correct
- Baffling at first but comprehensible
- Sounds like an insult to men, actually isn't
- Usable on any target

a tls handshake is like letting the cat sniff your hand before petting them

ban developers having nice things

I'm so tired of needing the very latest hardware and software to use anything bc devs test all their work on the computer equivalent of a supercar and think it's ok to demand we use it on one

public transit systems never will - and aren't supposed to - make money or break even

fares are a holdover of a culture of "properness" and disproportionately affect disadvantaged people

fareless systems see significant increases in use, which directly translates to less use of cars and healthier cities

If there's one thing I'll say about Remembrance Day... 

It's that it was inaugurated (afaik) to commemorate the World Wars so that we would remember that time so many people were forced to fight and kill and die.

If we are slightly changing it's meaning as we get further away from the events and have fewer living veterans of those wars, it should not become "Honour all soldiers and thank the military" Day.

It should be "Fuck the fascists, and prevent mass armed conflict" day.

Try browsing #art or related #tags to commission an artist instead of wasting time and money on #NFT.

Borrowed from @bogswallop

By the time we got to Jupiter's moon Europa and began drilling to see what lay under the ice, the old legends of the submerged city R'lyeh were all but forgotten.
After all, nobody has found it in any oceans on Earth.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Bad TV show idea of the day: A genie appears before a group of anarchists and offers to grant them anything they ask, with no restrictions - except that they have to reach consensus on it within ten hours. The entire show is just their ten hour meeting in real time, broken up into episodes.


"Sanctuary," the child cried, running into the library.
"Nice try," the guard following after sneered, "but only holy places can grant sanctuary."
The librarians glanced at each other. A small nod.
The head librarian gave the guard a stern look.
"Sanctuary granted."


So there were three rural siblings, Aser, Oser, and User. They were running around the fields as you do, when they accidentally knocked over part of their neighbor's fence. They looked at the fencepost in horror, trying to figure out how to put it back up, but none of them could quite manage it because they didn't have the right tools to do it.

Aser and Oser were terrified and didn't want to tell anyone, hoping that their neighbor would think that a stray cow had bumped into it or something. But User had a guilty conscience, and it ate away at him for hours and hours, until eventually he confessed.

So when it came time for their family to decide their punishment, they decided to come down hard on Aser and Oser for trying to cover it up. The last sibling, however, got off lightly for his honesty, and

[USER WAS PUT ON PROBATION FOR THIS POST] I need to get better at reacting to this with mirrored excitement instead of just nodding and saying "yeah"

imo when girls are really passionate about something and Have to tell you about it and they are really excited and they have this thing in their eyes and

So its like, we Linux folks have all these tools, that give us so much possibility, so much (possible) joy, jobs, and beauty. But other people can't experience them because of such a high bar to entry.

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i heard that there are mean people sending nasty things to trans people on the fediverse

:blobcatknife: it goes without saying that that is Not Okay!!!! i don't like it when people are mean to my friends. :blobcathissing:

so am sending lovs to my trans fediverse friends today, i hope you are doing okay, mew :heart_trans: :blobcatheart: :heart_trans:

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