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Institutional Memory and Reverse Smuggling

I worked for several decades at a large petrochemical company. In the early 1980s, we designed and built a plant that refines some hydrocarbon type stuff into other hydrocarbon type stuff. Over the next thirty years, institutional memory of this plant faded to a dim recollection. Oh, it still operates, and still makes money for the firm. Day to day maintenance is performed, and the skilled local crew is familiar with the controls, valves, safety systems, and other such.

But the company has forgotten how it really works. ...

#InstitutionalMemory #DataInfiltration

I truly believe that hrt should be otc and of course people are going to be coming out of the woodwork to say "but!!!" and ignore the fact that you can destroy your liver for life by taking too much tylenol, and that's still on shelves

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i wish the script for the movie "the matrix" kept the bit about humans being kept around as coprocessors rather than power sources. i think that would have made way more sense physically and also led to some far more interesting lore questions.

like... would the sense of telepathy some people get possibly be because of correlations in how the machines push off work to those people's brains? they're in tune to an uncanny degree because the machines are having them think similar things in their spare cycles.

i also think it would have made for a really interesting tie-in to sense8.

i have catlike reflexes, in that there are certain people who make me want to rub my face on them and emit a low continuous buzz

Amelia's no-good, rotten, very bad, awful afternoon and evening 

Both sump pumps are pumping out a full well more than twice a minute. The water is coming in faster than the mains-powered one -- six inches below the DC-powered/battery-backed one in the same well -- can fully keep up with so the DC one is getting part of the top 18" of the well.

Oh, somewhere in the south foundation, behind the false wall, there is seepage enough that the carpet is tangibly damp throughout the whole basement. So I guess our next remodeling is the basement floor.

The carpet is no great loss, the cats have destroyed every scrap of it through the house, and we were already thinking of some kind of durable hardwood-like surface instead.

The weather station in the backyard records 3.09" of rain in this single event thus far.

I get up to my room. The foam packing shoved between the two parts of the window to seal the gap the A/C unit creates, has been sucked out of the house entirely.

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Amelia's no-good, rotten, very bad, awful afternoon and evening 

Ugh. Walked through the rain to my car, almost out of the parking lot, and remembered the $28,000 license dongle still in my walked all the way back to the building in the rain and realized I left my badge on my walked all the way to the main door in the rain and banged on the glass until someone came out and opened it for me. Grabbed my badge, almost forgot the dongle again. Walked all the way to my car in the rain again. Forgot to punch out. Fuck it. Just gonna correct my timecard online.

Driving home like 90% of Pontiac is underwater. Major roads like Dixie Highway and Telegraph are entirely overcome and the cops are out, directing traffic and helping the inevitable cars who got stuck.

I wander into the backyard before I go inside and it is mostly bog right now, but the sump discharge is still above water so we should avoid siphon.

So I go inside.

The village elder went to face the dragon.
"Will you give me your treasure and your virgins?" the dragon asked.
"No," said the elder.
The dragon made a curious gesture, and the elder felt her word be caught from the air.
"Thank you!"
"You hoard refusals?"
"They're hard to find."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Dear people who run Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns: PLEASE don’t collect addresses until you’re ready to ship stuff out, or if you have to collect them early, PLEASE let people know you’re about to ship so folks can make sure the address is correct!

butbutbut corp A threw an lgbtq charity some peanuts! and corp B threw a bigot charity some peanuts! this means corp A good!

No, it means corp A decided their clientele would give them more money for supporting us, and corp B decided their clientele would give them less.

One is doing slightly more harm, but neither is worthy of praise. Both are machines that use exploitation to produce concentrated wealth.

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i am begging the queer community to learn that "it's a sign of positive social change that bigcorps can acknowledge pride" can be true while also not meaning said bigcorps should be praised and thanked for it

they didn't CAUSE this social change you walnut. they're just exploiting it like they exploit every other source of money

Trauma related to misgendering and deadnaming 

She went on:
I like this version (for some people) because it honestly is what I want out of life --- for them to not just participate in some shared fiction of me but see me. It also skips over a lot of "I can just use the right pronouns around them" or "the story I tell myself about them in my head doesn't need to have the right pronouns / my diary entries don't need the right pronouns"
because any argument that stems from "not hurting me is achievable by me never finding out" is an argument that assumes correct pronouns will always be a performance, and that the goal is just correct pronouns, rather than a fundamental update on perceived gender.

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Trauma related to misgendering and deadnaming 

Also Mae on one of the Slacks I am on have permission to share her thoughts on it, which I like a lot:
so one explanation I'm trying out recently for "why do I want you to get names and pronouns right" is:
I need you to see me differently. Using the new name and pronouns is practice for doing just that. Some day, you'll reflexively say "oh she's just over there" and it won't have been to be polite, or to respect my wishes, but just because that's how your brain finds pronouns for me, much like it would for any woman. We're explicitly careful with pronouns in the meantime to build that habit, and subtly reinforce to our brain's perception centers "this is a woman"

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"so you like this girl, huh?"

"babe. like doesn't cover it. i wanna do weird stuff with her that i don't fully understand. i wanna… dammit, i can't even say it out loud!"

"c'mon. no judgement. judgement free zone."

"i want. corn. cicadas. woodsmoke? i wanna… i wanna move to the countryside with her and try to revitalize the decrepit-ass farming town that one or both of us grew up in!"


"you said 'judgement free zone'."

"i'm not gonna yuck your yum, it's just taking me a minute to process that you're into that cottagecore shit. you know you can just have sex, right?"

"maybe you can. i googled 'how to co-sign a farm loan' last night, and i don't think i can ever go back."

old: sandbox as in a safe place to play without making a mess out of the rest of the playground

bold: sandbox as in the thing cats use as a bathroom, because you don't want the program to piss on your couch

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Turing: it's impossible to tell whether an arbitrary abstract program will halt

everyone since: it's impossible to tell whether an arbitrary actual program will do god damn *anything* and how expensive it'll be to find out. get in the sandbox, proggie.

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