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the cool thing about adhd is there are lots of coping mechanisms that work they just only work,, Twice

"WhatsApp gives users an ultimatum: Share data with Facebook or stop using the app"
Nobody is surprised. And it won't change anybody's mind, either. But still ... just in case ... if you stop using WhatsApp, or convince your friends to stop using it, thank you.

Advice for folks considering arming themselves (CW gun talk/imagery, uspol) 

friendly reminder to CW your political stuff, particularly today

there's a lot of it

The Little Match Girl Continues (fixfic, fire, horror, implied death) 

And the world tells old folks they're daft and out of touch if they can't figure out the computer, when the computer remains unfigureoutable, all your learning wiped out at arbitrary intervals just so that new, crappier computers can be made.

And that leaves me and others like me to say to people that if it's confusing it's not because you're stupid, it's because you've been away from computers long enough to still be sane.

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It doesn't come with a manual because by the time it got printed it'd be out of date because the damn interface changed (again, I must stress, for NO DAMN REASON AT ALL).

If it stayed the same then people who don't use the computer all the time could sit down with it every now and then and get used to it.

Computers are unlearnable unless you're in bloody thrall to them.

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If you woke up one morning and your coffee pot had rearranged all its buttons for no reason at all, you'd chuck the damn thing in the trash! Why do we put up with this from computers?

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before you assume your question is too nuanced or specific to find on your own via search please just try typing your exact question into a search engine. Even if you don't find the direct answer you can maybe find enough background information to present as a show of good faith to the stranger you are asking the time of to answer your question.

Not only do I now have an i9-10850K running in `enedina` (my current desktop build), I also managed to get my RAM running at the rated 3600MHz instead of the apparently-JEDEC-default 2133MHz.

So, you know, anyone who has DDR4 faster than 2133MHz miiiiight want to check in their BIOS to see if they need to enable DOCP/XMP to get the JEDEC settings disabled and let the RAM run at rate.

Might just be me *wanting* this to be faster, but the machine feels considerably snappier than it was with the i7-10700K and the RAM running at JEDEC default.

sappy D/s kink 

“[Pre-transition Doomgirl] saw Samus, and asked: ‘do I want to be her, or fuck her’”

@hierarchon: “And the answer, as it often is, was ‘yes’.”

Post-covid plan: Use lockpicking to sneak into abandoned buildings and leave behind 3d-printed animals.

Boost if you've ever texted on a flip phone

i was today years old when i learned that hydrocortisone is literally just cortisol

"new year new you" i mutter as i dump TF pathogen into the city water supply

it is winter. bears are hibernating. femmes are hibernating. *i* am hibernating.

but. the sun's gonna come back, and we're gonna be here keeping each other warm until it does. <3

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