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I am just going to leave this right here, since I haven’t seen it going around these parts.

Mira Bellwether is raising money for her bottom surgery, full story on it is in the link.

She’s an important part of the trans community and she needs our help.

spicy question: how much of philosophy is done by queer autistic nerds over the aeons, trying to understand things others seem to just get?

When I say “making games accessible to all kinds of people is important” and you say “but that puts more crunch on developers,” the logical conclusion isn’t “accessibility isn’t worth it” it’s “ban crunch and form unions”

staying up late so i can crawl into bed with my wife when her GF has to wake up for work so my wife gets non-stop snuggles from people she loves

like, being being neurodiverse doesn't always look like [quirky and innately harmless personality trait]. some parts of being neurotypical do actually make us unintentionally do harmful things and while i fully acknowledge that's a Hot Topic because of how much we're marginalized, other neurodiverse people charging in and going like, "oh so you're saying nd ppl are innately harmful??" is actually not fucking helpful at all

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neurodivergent people: hello. we are Very Very aware that this behavior can be harmful but it's something we struggle with and people's response to us struggling with it is like, Extremely Harmful. can you not
other neurodivergent people who feel like they don't have to critically analyze their ableism because they're also nd: have you considered that you're just an asshole??

neurodiverse meta 

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neurodiverse meta 

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Whenever I see the phrase “can’t be topped,” it does not matter what the context is, I will automatically picture a 45 year old butch rolling up her flannel and looking me dead in the eye before saying “We’ll see about that,” before giving me a flirtatious and knowing wink.

@aparrish @triz my vote is for Pintrissia! i loved the scene on She-Ra where she spammed image search results for literally everything to defeat the Horde

Saw a boost of a link that says "when you're writing image descriptions, don't include your opinions. No one wants to hear 'a selfie of an adorable person.' "

I mean, don't describe strangers in objectifying or fetishistic ways sure! But I absolutely want to hear how great your selfie is, how skillful your art is, how adorable your boyfriend or your dog is.

And I've absolutely written on pictures of Gary "his feet look so cute here, he is the best dog" and goddam if I won't do it again.

At first, it seemed nothing much. A loose bolt here. A disconnected wire there. Missing cookies. People joked about gremlins, till I saw one.


It ignored me, chewing on a fuse before tossing it aside.

"Hey! Stop that!"

It hissed and fled, as an alarm sounded.

The reactor fault wasn't critical, and we avoided a meltdown. Luckily. Deep space evacuations never go well.

Since then, we keep a jar of cookies by the reactor core. It's worked so far.

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

@vyr We note that the case for n=0 and n=1 is trivial and leave the general case as an exercise to the reader.


thinkin about internet community praxis some more

maybe instead of having a "politics" channel, have a "quiet" or "chill" channel you can retreat to? that seems to better fit the dynamics involved and the unstated reason why "politics" channels exist.

Dwarf Fortress is communist praxis, as evidenced by the above fact, as well as how players often go out of their way to limit what the mayor can do so as to keep things running as efficiently as possible.

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Remember that time Dwarf Fortress had an economy system, but they quickly removed it and went back to socialism because a select few always got rich while everyone else starved and there was no way to rectify it?

1. Iterate through memory until you find a node pointing to NULL.
2. Iterate through memory until you find a node pointing to the previously found node.
3. Repeat step 2 until you find the head.
4. Done!

Before machine learning: a wizard did it
After machine learning: a neural net did it

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