the push to re-instate Queer as a slur is TERF agenda because its easier for them to figure out who the "wrong" sorts are by neat little labels. Queer is too inclusive and too covert and they HATE it.

so using Queer is a real schrodinger problem. you're either the right or wrong type but they can't know which until they look in the box and it drives them up the wall.

good. die mad about it. i'll die queer.

What is the minimum amount of work that needs to be done to sustain humanity. How much of that can be automated? How much of what is left could be done by people who want to do those things? How can we fairly rotate the work that is left and not demand unnecessary work be done simply to be allowed to survive?

If we can hit that base minimum it doesn't matter what economic system you layer on top of it for luxuries as long as people can freely fuck off if they don't want to participate in it.

🎼 John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
his name was my name too
and after i came out
the people always shout
"there goes Jen Julie Jingleheimer Schmidt!"


"I'm surprised you didn't change more of your name, kiddo. I wouldn't have blamed you. Hell, I just went by 'JJ Smith' in college."

"Dad, the name was never the problem. You know that. Proud tradition. Really."

"So long as you're happy now. Oh! Uh. Your mom let slip that you and Spark are thinking of adopting. You… uh… you got a name picked out?"

"That 'the people always shout'? Yeah. Two on the shortlist. If the kid doesn't like them… eh. The people can always learn a new song."

every step we take to make transition more accessible and to instill a cultural understanding of gender as something you choose (or opt out of), another subset of these people will start to see transition as something real

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The place I most commonly apply this is picking a hard deadline for information when making a go/no-go decision on plans. E.g. "ok, if I don't hear back from Jimothy by 19:00, I'm gonna say we're not meeting up. Anything until then, I'm still open to it."

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Something I think a lot about: in aviation, if you're landing through fog (or whatever), the standard practice is to pick ahead of time a hard limit for the altitude at which you'll do a go-around. If you don't see the runway by the time that altitude is reached, you abort the landing attempt -- no questions.

Because otherwise folks tend to keep going "I'll just give it another few seconds..." until they're way too low for safety.

This type of protocol is very, very generalizable to everyday life, and can make decision-making a lot easier.

@mxsparks it all ended well for our area, we just got about 3.24" of rain total. Further south there were funnels that touched down.

Fun times. Six cats and two adults sheltering in the basement, tornado sirens going off, and a peak of 6.08"/hr rainfall rate a bit ago.

putting *everything* in a web browser was a mistake

Myers: "look, there's sixteen possible combos, right"

Briggs: "so twelve of them are actually backwards-compatible with the old zodiac signs. it was just easier to sell to enterprise customers that way"

Myers: "frankly maybe we should have tried harder to create our own ecosystem, but we found that if we didn't make a big deal about legacy data support to retail customers, they didn't go looking for it"

Briggs: "embrace, extend… eh, we didn't quite get to extinguish, but mostly it all worked out fine, and more importantly, we died before anyone invented SLAs"

me: "which four types _aren't_ back compatible?"

M+B: "fuck you, that's which four"

*exit both summoned spirits, in smoke, wailing*

@wigglytuffitout @astraluma I was trying, but perhaps failing, to indicate that I agree with you. And then got a wall of text and ran out of spoons.

I apologize for giving the impression of passive aggression, and further apologize for the initial confusion.

PSA: if your power is metered based on the total use on the grid, it's always cheaper to crank your AC at night and coast on residual coldness during the day, if your house's insulation is good enough. this is an especially good move if your area is prone to rolling blackouts during heat waves! smart thermostats can be programmed to do this, but you can also just do it manually.

@jacethechicken this is good advice. I think Technology Connections just did a video on the subject too.

@astraluma @wigglytuffitout this is why I have fewer (not none, but fewer) issues with SpaceX; at least they are a) offering a valuable set of services and b) have an actual long-term goal. Not *just* billionaire masturbation.

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