@alexisvl yessssss.

Virtually *none* of the industrial machine vision platforms support any real version control, despite largely being comprised of (usually XML) text file formats.

I really want to use git for external versioning, but the git user experience is overwhelming to anyone who recently learned Copy and Paste as concepts.

wanted: How to Git, for Coworkers Who Don't Write Code, Only Reluctantly Use Computers, and It Would Be Nice if They Stopped Messing Things Up In Merges

@Lucretia-Matt @SuricrasiaOnline loosely related, when is gitlab going to actually start using the .mailmap file for contributors...?

git should come out with a command called `git deadname-killer` that rewrites the history to search/replace commit author name

@vyr does it count if you have had zero video calls?

remember to always high five after sex so your partner knows that they got a good grade in sex

I was thinking how I hate the typical fantasy art which only consists of creatures and naked women, and that if I was an ancient deity I'd still be wearing comfy clothes

So anyway, less naked goddesses and more deities with hoodies

Actually, arguments in favour of "economy of form" which demand that media such as albums, films, books not "waste the audience's time" buys into the commodification of every aspect of existence by capitalism. Art should not subscribe to this commodification: it should resist it. So fill your novels with as many digressions, your movies with as many lingering shots and unnecessary scenes, your albums with as much filler as you feel like doing. I will be happy to waste that time with you.

There should be more happy trans girl books

Wait a minute I'm a trans girl who writes

Time for sad depressing shit that's somehow both niche and overdone at the save time

Imagine living for millenia and not fucking with your gender even a little bit. Unrealistic

@AudreyJune over the course of my life, my ADHD got better, then **way worse**

@deletescape @AgathaSorceress I switched from a ridiculously common (and Biblical, ew) name to a fairly uncommon one.

No thought given to it though, it just jumped off the page and made itself mine.

lol people who believe one bird-brained theory probably believe another, amirite guys hahaha

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i am so very tired of the vaccine 5g meme

@kat this sounds like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes with a gun, and frankly I’m here for it

the genre of “one player is The Hacker and the other is The Shootperson” is severely underdeveloped

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