just call me the output of a cesium-beam atomic clock with redundant power supplies and calibration traceable to NIST, because I’m a 

And headpats.

It's not on the icon, but headpats your hard drives and catgirlfirends regularly!

In maybe-less-sad news, yesterday was my second anniversary with my nesting partner. Here is to many more!

"Hands Held High" is still such a good song.

And depressingly has not aged a lick.


Her sword was sharp, but her mind was sharper, so her blade was rarely drawn.

One day she was challenged to a duel. A crowd gathered, eager to witness her skills.

Her opponent hurled sly insults and she redirected it with finesse.

The crowd grew, holding their breaths, expecting a clashing of steel any moment.

The tongue lashings went on for hours, then both women went silent.

"So, dinner at my place?"

"I'd love to."

The crowd aww'd.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

grimdark, corruption kink, cute 

reboot the Purge series so they're instead from the perspective of raid teams getting together to take out some horrifying rich asshole who's responsible for the deaths and ruined lives of untold numbers of people

food, D&D/tabletop facts, pt. 6 and final 

#VulpineClubBulletin awright everybody, we now have hugs with flags attached:

:hugs:​ is just hugs
:hugs_syn:​ hugs_syn = hugs + ❓
:hugs_ack:​ hugs_ack = hugs + ✔️
:hugs_rst: hugs_rst = hugs + ❌
:hugs_urg:​ hugs_urg = hugs + ❗
:hugs_inf:​ hugs_inf = hugs + ∞
:hugs_idk:​ hugs_idk = hugs + ⁉️
:hugs_meh:​ hugs_meh = hugs + shruggie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Police are starting to turn those Ring doorbells into an always on surveillance network. So, if you have one you are now literally snitching on your neighbors to the state. Throw it away.


Gay Asian-American wins Hawaii state election against Proud Boys leader 

Also also _The Starlight Express_ *still* remains my favorite Webber show. Envious of my folks who got to see it when they were stationed near London.

i learned that the fun thing about being aggressively Queer Looking ™️ with a mean bitch face is that stank attitude republicans just glare me at me from afar like i'm supposed to care, but other traveling queers and leftists flock to me? it was very cute to have a couple of very young trans girls traveling alone ask if i'd go to the bathroom with them for safety

forcefem, kink shitpost 

How many trans people in denial does it take to change a light bulb? 

Because Google calendar is sorta iCal-compliant (RFC 5545, apparently) and Outlook is...not.

So lots of guessing and checking and manual testing to ensure I am interpreting both implementations' interpretations of their fields correctly to translate between them.

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So far, I have 700+ lines of Python, an SQLite backing store, and only partial functionality.

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