I got new toys at work! These are terminal actuation tools, with a long, narrow taper that easily opens up the contact on a DIN-rail spring terminal (like the Allen-Bradley 1492 series). No more breaking slotted screwdrivers! The orange-banded ones on the left are for 1.5mm2 terminals (Phoenix Contact ST-BW 0), and the blue-banded ones on the right are for 2.5mm2-4.0mm2 terminals (ST-BW).

I needed a place to put chat clients. Of course, turns out 540px is too narrow for Discord and Signal (Slack minimizes the sidebar so it is fine) so I cannot use them in quadrants like I wanted, but stacked fullscreen works fine too.

Also also, the overall installation, and I looked hella cute in my new apron from Savage Industries!

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Now with error-protection (checking the part-present sensors to verify pick/drop) and path-segment annunciation (the lights are the number of the active path segment, that a PLC would use for collision avoidance multi-robot cells). And she knows her payloads now, so the motion is more accurate.

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I just got the *silliest* Ethernet cables for my desk panel. The inkjet reads `MONOPRICE MICRO SLIMRUN CAT. 6 U/UTP PATCH CONFORMS TO ANSI/TIA-568C.2 32AWGx4P CM(UL) E164469-B2 RoHS`.

And while I do not trust them at all to do gigabit or even hit the rated Cat6, they sure as shit will do fine with the 10/100 in this panel.

Though I was cute (and gay) as _fuck_ yesterday, so there was a plus there.

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Well this is 100% garbage, but the plate looks about right so far for the price. I have not indicated it at all though.

However, it was mostly purchased as a square/level reference for a 3D printer build so...probably more than overkill already.

Saw this great graffiti south of The Loop in Pontiac, MI on this morning's commute.

Image description: A dilapidated building with red stenciled graffiti saying "EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT WE HOPE" but someone hastily spray-painted an "X" over the "WE HOPE"

Nettle is U N C E R T A I N. Just got home from her fifth vet visit ever.

Ok but I need to share just how fucking amazing my legs are all of a sudden. I shaved for the first time in...7 months, and somewhere along the way I developed damned fine pins.

The, uh, giant catnip plant in the catio has been discovered

Much better this morning. Soft cuddles, no fake throwing-up calls, and she let me sleep until my alarm.

Nano has been learning new tricks. At 0500 she came up on the bed and started making throwing-up calls. Once I was awake, she headbutted me for further attention, wanting food. She has not let up since.

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