Nettle is U N C E R T A I N. Just got home from her fifth vet visit ever.

Ok but I need to share just how fucking amazing my legs are all of a sudden. I shaved for the first time in...7 months, and somewhere along the way I developed damned fine pins.

The, uh, giant catnip plant in the catio has been discovered

Much better this morning. Soft cuddles, no fake throwing-up calls, and she let me sleep until my alarm.

Nano has been learning new tricks. At 0500 she came up on the bed and started making throwing-up calls. Once I was awake, she headbutted me for further attention, wanting food. She has not let up since.

First welding project. Maaaaaaaybe should have gone with something smaller. Came out ok though I think.

So weird, watching the Palace coming down slowly on my commutes. I like that they have been judiciously spraying high pressure water vapor to knock the dust down; first I have seen that technique.

Aw shit, I missed the afternoon shade when I was parking this morning. Black car, black leather interior, direct sun, 95°F outside air temperature. But hey, I have sort of a cowboy-cyberpunk look so yay?


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