Ok real talk: why the cultural hate for nickelback?

I am super late to the party, but I find nothing objectionable about their work. A bunch of it is really good (their "Rockstar Sea Shanty" was an instant like, and their cover of "Devil Went Down to Georgia" is one of my top five favorite covers of the song)

(honestly to a lesser extent, same question regarding Coldplay)

@agmlego i dunno i feel like it just kinda caught on as a meme/hate-circlejerk, wrong place wrong time

though i personally feel like there's merit for once to the idea that they sound really samey, i dunno if i could pick them out if not for the characteristic singing voice. they sound like plastic music to me. i guess it gets a little grating

@agmlego Coldplay doesn't seem to get the same kind of reactions, I feel like that was also a bit of a hate-meme but died off

@alexisvl @agmlego This tracks to me, though I also thought it had more to do with the people who became big fans than with the music itself. I had an ex who strongly associated Coldplay with very whiny and annoying guys 😅

@scanlime there was a definite trend at the time of music with a strong "by and for whiny men" vibe

@agmlego @scanlime haha i'm not actually trying to make a point i'm just rambling

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