My 6-year-old nibling is having gender feels and is thinking that maybe "demiboy" is a good identity description but is unsure, and is concerned about coming out. My sibling-in-law is helping, being nb themselves, but the kid also wanted me to weigh in as a non-cis, non-parent figure.

I experience with young childhood coming-out or with the demi identities. Does anyone know of a good set of resources for this?

@agmlego I think young people often put a lot of pressure on themselves to be ‘right’ when coming out so I would try to emphasize that coming out isn’t/doesn’t have to be a one time thing. They can use demiboy even if they’re not 100% sure about it and then if it turns out to not quite fit they can just pick something else

Its great that they have so many role models to look up to in this! I’m sure just having you both as examples has helped them a lot in their own explorations

@Satsuma agreed, we have been emphasizing that things can and likely will change; after all, the kid is 6. Looking at other resources, kids that young are pretty plastic. PFLAG has some relevant resources. I haven't had cause to use them, but my understanding is they have a good reputation.

@skysailor thanks! I actually had forgotten about PFLAG, but I pointed my sibling-in-law to them.

@spacekookie I appreciate the story, but I have trouble relating it to my question. Can you help me see the link you saw?

@agmlego generally the idea that a coming out isn't the end of the story and you don't need to _know_ who you are, as long as you keep looking for the answer.
It might take away some of the pressure for them to commit to a gender/ label now

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