Amelia's no-good, rotten, very bad, awful afternoon and evening 

Ugh. Walked through the rain to my car, almost out of the parking lot, and remembered the $28,000 license dongle still in my walked all the way back to the building in the rain and realized I left my badge on my walked all the way to the main door in the rain and banged on the glass until someone came out and opened it for me. Grabbed my badge, almost forgot the dongle again. Walked all the way to my car in the rain again. Forgot to punch out. Fuck it. Just gonna correct my timecard online.

Driving home like 90% of Pontiac is underwater. Major roads like Dixie Highway and Telegraph are entirely overcome and the cops are out, directing traffic and helping the inevitable cars who got stuck.

I wander into the backyard before I go inside and it is mostly bog right now, but the sump discharge is still above water so we should avoid siphon.

So I go inside.


Amelia's no-good, rotten, very bad, awful afternoon and evening 

Both sump pumps are pumping out a full well more than twice a minute. The water is coming in faster than the mains-powered one -- six inches below the DC-powered/battery-backed one in the same well -- can fully keep up with so the DC one is getting part of the top 18" of the well.

Oh, somewhere in the south foundation, behind the false wall, there is seepage enough that the carpet is tangibly damp throughout the whole basement. So I guess our next remodeling is the basement floor.

The carpet is no great loss, the cats have destroyed every scrap of it through the house, and we were already thinking of some kind of durable hardwood-like surface instead.

The weather station in the backyard records 3.09" of rain in this single event thus far.

I get up to my room. The foam packing shoved between the two parts of the window to seal the gap the A/C unit creates, has been sucked out of the house entirely.

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