The year is 2520, America has completed it's transition to Communism, but only by co-opting the language of our oppressors.

You swipe your Eagle Card at your Doctor's office, and the system determines that your Universal Liberty Care will cover the costs. It always does.

You stop at the McDonald's Co-Op and swipe again, and a fair fee is removed from your Universal Freedom Income

in a world where… there once was a man… named Michael Finnegan…

*brief shaky-cam scene of a guy standing in front of a bathroom mirror*

he had whiskers. on his chinnegan.

*closeup on beard*

he shaved them off…

*series of short clips of shaving equipment flashing past: sink, beard, safety razor, shaving cream*

but they grew in again.

*camera zooms out to show us a man, fully bearded, standing in the wreckage of a bathroom, the only part of the building still standing in a ruined city still aflame*

coming this fall 2020…

*fade to black*

Michael Finnegan… begins again.

I am absolutely a person who struggles with feeling like I have to be an expert in things like this or something terrible will happen, letting myself just say "hi! I have no idea how to do this but I am happy to learn, what do I need to do" has been wildly helpful in dealing with this anxiety

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I had to handle shipping freight which I've never done before and was super anxious about, but I told the guy who came to pick it up "Hi, I have never done this before, do you have any advice?" and he was absolutely excited to be able to help, reminder that you don't have to know what you're doing 100% of the time and there are people who would be delighted to be the expert and share their knowledge

hey do y'all know about sponsorblock? did you know that there's a browser extension called sponsorblock that allows you to automatically skip sponsored segments in youtube videos? did you know that if you don't use youtube in your browser, that's okay because it's also ported to various other programs such as mpv, kodi, newpipe, freetube, and yt-dlp?

because i think some of you would be interested in knowing that.

When magic first returned, nobody noticed. Humans had long forgotten how to consciously use magic, but once someone did notice, there came a concentrated effort to make sure other people remained safe and ignorant.

Being a lifelong reader of fantasy had helped - most of it was as accurate as it was varied.

"I'm a poor hungry human - I'd do anything for a bagel," I sighed, standing in a fairy-ring, my team hiding with iron beaded nets.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

kitty go "mrow"
kitty climb you & you go "ow"
but most importantly...
kitty want pats right NOW

i feel like y'all are making this relationship thing too complicated

Can't wait for the plot twist in the new Matrix movie where Neo comes out as a t4t leather dyke

Wish I saw less of "bite your trauma or phobia back out of willpower born out of The Power of Love" in media and more of "use strategic coping mechanisms and workarounds with the help of your loved ones so your trauma and phobias don't get in the way." The former is based on a damaging mindset about psychological issues and neurodivergence where a person is considered not only weak-willed but *not loving their friends and family enough* if they can't just "get over" their issues. The second promotes much healthier and effective responses and reminds us that we don't have to do everything alone. Isn't that what love and relationships are about?

programming computers

Sand was never meant to think
this is very cruel to rocks


the world is perfectly designed to make us all fucking tired all the time and the older i get the more acutely aware i become of how much this is how i'm probably going to spend/waste the rest of my goddamn life. and our lives are SO short. just tragically short.

Just saying. The RTX A6000 remains a ridiculously nice piece of hardware.

I just wish they were a little easier to get ahold of, but honestly for our systems the few week lead time is acceptable.

so is matrix 4 gonna have an opening bit like

> Dear "redpillers" --
> You got it exactly backwards.
> Signed,
> The Wachowski Sisters

or what

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