how to celebrate #AutisticPrideDay:

• stop making so much noise all the time
• leave us alone, we're trying to get some dang work done
• don't accidentally give any money to Autism Speaks, it's a hate group
• ban ABA
• fuck the police

Having strong female characters make mistakes and having moments where they're not strong enough is good, actually.

You just need to make the mistakes something they learn from. You need to show their strength shining through, even when they're reliant on the help of others.

We're all reliant on others in some moments of our lives, but normally our reliance isn't treated as a character trait.

Write your characters needing help from others, just don't make it a character trait.

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Scihub but for docs and info that people post only on Discord for some asinine reason.

Not because machine translation is good, but because (as a monoglot who specced really hard into computers) it makes things even remotely possible.

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US Education dep't extends sex discrimination protections to trans students 

US #Education Department has ruled that discrimination against #transgender students is a violation of title IX, which outlaws sex discrimination in education

I'm cleaning my apartment for the first time in ages cause my crush is gonna stay with me for a week and man. I should do this more often.

Not constantly being surrounded by trash and unorganized junk feels really good.

"Nothing like some real sun, real grass and real air to nourish the soul."

The captain was fairly old; a lot of older humans had this particular attitude.

The sunlight was still real in space, the grass in the arboretum was real, and though often recycled or pressurized, the air was certainly real, sometimes better mixed.

Honestly I felt the air on Earth smelled muddier and the water tasted metallic.

I couldn't wait to get back into space.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #SciFi

Charging current is continuously sampled, for data overloads, spike filtering, and quality checks.
Conductivity changes with ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, and humidity.
Thus, intelligent cars develop a sense of taste. The best charging stations are in Guide Michelin.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Today's #Maille! Rainbow and Black Bangle! Six colors of anodized aluminum & black neoprene in the Full Persian weave make a stretchy bangle that rolls on over your hand and stays on your wrist. #jewelry #LGBTQIA

an actual gun 

@June tfw people who dont really like guns and would rather guns just not

are always better at gun safety than the fools who are gun fans

And more on the mistakes-in-C-we-pay-for-daily:
RT @NfNitLoop
@ceejbot C arrays. (Or any data structure that doesn’t know how big it is.) How many security vulnerabilities & bugs are caused by buffer overflows?

Hello, something I’ve been saying a lot to colleagues recently.
RT @substack
@ceejbot starting from the organization of the code instead of the organization of the data.
too much opaque encapsulation where it becomes impossible to print out the numbers, the strings, the bytes over the wire, the bytes on disk.


We weren’t intending to find the fundamental building block of the universe, but that’s what we found.

“The grid is five Planck lengths along this axis,” I said to the press conference, pointing in the opposing directions of Vega and Canopus, “and five along this axis,” I turned 90° and pointed to Antares and Capella.

“And five along the third axis?” asked a reporter.

I paused, sheepish. “No. Six.”

The fundamental building block of the universe was LEGO.

love it when someone's cutesy frontend crap breaks "middle-click to open in new tab" because links aren't actually links any more

way to not use one of the like three good things about web browsers as a platform

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