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Maybe most of our problems metaphorically boil down to "The wrong Amazon is on fire".

You know those really annoying websites that ask you to fill out a form but they won’t let you paste? So you have to (for example) carefully type a long bank account number by hand instead of just pasting it?

Turns out there are browser extensions that can prevent specified sites from turning off paste.

In Chrome: “Don't F*** With Paste,” by Jacob Swanner. (

In Firefox: “Don't Fuck With Paste,” by Aaron R, based on the Chrome extension. (

Bad game idea of the day: Platformer levels full of spikes, but instead of being able to jump five times your own height, you have to build scaffolding, using the spikes as anchor points. You work for a company who is removing the spikes to recycle the metal for construction projects, and the goal of each level is to retrieve as many of the spikes as you can, without having your scaffolding collapse.

My first-ever release with build artifacts! Comments welcome with the explicit caveat that this is, indeed, a disgusting hack.

my height is average. my body? nothing special. this has given me a beautifully blank canvas to paint with style and personality. "i like what you've done with the place," they say admiringly, tracing my tattoos

@vyr To the observer you're just on the couch looking at your phone. Unmoving.
But suddenly the entire house is lit up in "I'm very horny" pink.

Days like these when I wonder if an AU me who did not get pressured into engineering would be in a better life situation as a tradeswoman machinist.

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It was a lovely intersection of difficult materials (400-series stainless), precision (there are several bad things that happen if things inside the housing get hit with an endmill), and difficult requirements ("no" chips can be left in the housing, the housing cannot be opened, the housing cannot be flushed with water).

I was happy as a clam. Very satisfying work.

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I did some very good work yesterday, doing some rework on $employer hardware.

It was a technological civilization, but not spacefaring. As near as we could tell, they didn’t even have satellites around their planet.

When we got within visual range we realized why: the world was so massive that no reaction—chemical or nuclear—could get a rocket out of that gravity well.

We settle into synchronous orbit, transmit a hello, append our files on materials engineering, and set about printing a space elevator.

It’s going to be a long first contact.


The Alan Turing Institute gets it.
BTW, if you don't know who Alan Turing is, do yourself a favor & look him up right now!

Can anyone recommend a good bodycam? Criteria are:

• inconspicuous (should pass as a phone or MP3 player upon a passing glance, preferably no light during recording)
• easy to carry (on the belt or something)
• good low-light capability
• microphone shouldn't clip too easily

The intended use is to carry it when I go out late (after dark, lone area, bad quarter, that sorta thing) and be able to record if I feel threatened by someone so that if I mace an attacker or something, I can prove it was in self-defence. Needn't store more than a few minutes of footage, should at best survive being shoved etc.

I imagine I'm not the only person making contingency plans for that sort of situation, so hopefully someone can recommend something.

This is your periodic reminder to go pull the batteries out of any electronics you have in storage.

really cool to see either of my gfs going hardcore on a project they care about. legit inspiring. they're so happy 🥰

still inventing new girls

her name is kiki, but she prefers the nickname "flip." she envies the local skatepunks and works in a bakery. cakes are her specialty. her first celebrity crush was max cavalera

her name is brynn. she played alto sax in middle school and wonders if she should have stuck with it. nowadays, she works in a travel agency. she podcasts about the canadian children's television show "today's special"

her name is keisha and she's an up-and-coming YA author. her agent has had a few offers but no contracts yet. the story involves a haunted catholic school falling backwards in time so that the kids of today have to team up with the kids of the nineties, seventies, and thirties to save the school and possibly all of reality

her name is allison and she loves kaleidoscopes and pit bulls. she's an enthusiastic but underwhelming cook, which suits her sous chef fiancee just fine

her name is kattie and she's from the netherlands. she loves wearing paisley fabrics and flying kites. tea with brunch

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inventing new girls

her name is jupiter, she likes ornate mirrors, brass lanterns, cats and being out in the rain. she never made it as a ballerina and still climbs trees. she wants to own a bookstore, but doesn't have the energy to go through with it

her name is peg. she likes steely dan, except for the song she was named after. she was a horse girl until she actually tried riding one. she dyes her hair, but never can find a color she likes. tuna salad sandwiches for lunch every sunday

her name is harriet, but she was known as "dirty harry" in her high school field hockey days: partly for her ruthless physical style of play, partly for her lack of decorum on the team bus. if she's called that now, it's because she's been working in her flower garden. she keeps a koi pond because she likes the fish; she doesn't know anything else about japan

her name is neesha, and she used to sing in a band. nowadays, she still sings, but for herself. she wants to go on vacation to somewhere that's nowhere. whiskey, neat

ADHD: I can't focus!
ADHD meds: +10 to all focussing rolls!

ADHD: ... But you'll focus on the wrong thing

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@aurynn +10 to your roll on the choosing what to focus on table also (the important things are in slots 1 to 10)

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