there should be a mastodon instance that federates on a delay equal to the light distance from earth to mars, so it is as if that instance is transmitting from the red planet

"Can you mend it?"
The artisan studied the shards.
"Was it enchanted?"
"Yes, to keep drinks at the right temperature."
"Hm. Can't fix that by hand."
The artisan put a Ring of Repair on, and pieced the cup together. The shards fused seamlessly.
"Wow. Um. Can you hug me?"
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once in a while i forget i'm trans

in that my body isn't constantly reminding me of it: yeah i take E and P daily, and i gotta dilate sometimes, but that's pretty minor, in my experience, as chronic medical condition management goes

in that i have job interviews and other social random encounters where nobody questions my right to this name and shape (despite the voice that goes with it)

in that i have docs that match my name, and a surety to my identity that means: when i do brush up against a data ghost of my past self, i just smile at whoever's behind the counter and say, "old name, can you update that for me?" and that's that

in that i can look at my face in a mirror or camera feed most days and think nothing more weighty than "lookin' good today, babe"

this is what Past Vyr hoped for a few years ago. that she'd get to stop thinking about being trans. that transitioning is hard, but steady-state, she could just be, and it'd work out. looks like she was right.

Seriously though, why have I been doing this kind of work *without* an apron for so long? This was amazing!

Though I need to tweak the design. Adam does not squat as much as I do, it seems, and on me, the buckles for the leg straps dig sharply into my knees. So I need alternatives to that.

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Also also, the overall installation, and I looked hella cute in my new apron from Savage Industries!

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"back in my day i had to walk to school, uphill both ways, with no tits"

every time i act on my policy to just blanket block everyone who uses the word "cringe" or "cringey" for any reason i feel better and better about it

They looked at the primordial entity emerging from the roiling ocean.
"Well," the cat said, "who'll collar that?"
His human sighed.
After the fight was over, she heaved tentacles aside to fit the mystic collar around Cthulhu's neck.
"Still easier than you," she called to the cat.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #Small

Ok so Loki from Grafana Labs is *sexy*. This fixes a lot of the issues I set out to solve with our shipped systems for alerting and analytics, without further burdening the overwhelmed software team with adding a metrics API to our codebases.

And as a plus, Loki (well, promtail) can also eat syslog, systemd/journald, and Windows Event Log formats.

Combined with our use of time-series system health information and the outgoing relational databases to the plant, we can answer questions like:
* "Does the inspection cycle time change with CPU temperature?"
* "What source file throws the most errors? Is it dependent on the inspection recipe?"
* "send an alert when any inspection cycle time, per recipe, goes above 80% allotted cycle time for more than 5 in a row"

As well as the usual statistical process control questions like:
* "which recipes have the worst reject rates?"
* "are there time- or shift-dependent changes in judgement accuracy?"
* "is this measurement trending out of tolerance?"

Me, to my cat, who scream:
Otto, what unquiet devil prods ye so, that ye deliver its message to those in this world?

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