just joined a group chat and it really feels like mastodon

Iol every post I make with a pineapple has three pineapples in t 🍍

Somebody please make a mastodon meme wiki so i don't have to explain everything every time

since the #tumblr stuff is happening, and it's friday, here's some folks you should follow:

@acw if they ever post again
who might be dead
@jk if you don't follow you're not real

keep in mind i only follow very good and hot people, no losers, so you should just follow everyone i follow

#followfriday #ff


last time i was unemployed I did like a 24 hour 🍍 marathon. should I try again?

    🀠 γ€€
🍍   πŸβ€ 🍍
πŸ‘‡ 🍍 🍍 β€πŸ‘‡ γ€€
β€πŸγ€€β€ 🍍
  πŸγ€€   🍍 γ€€
  πŸ‘’     πŸ‘’
howdy. i'm the sheriff of #pineapple

Wouldnt be the first time *cough* mastodon *cough*

ah hooray. i've been shunned from a groupchat because my coworker said something offensive and I didn't report it!

- Getting my complimentary welcome 🍍

- Being open & honest and finding comfort and compassion.

hey whats the hash tag for mastodon memories?

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