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How about this: My favorite Marvel trading cards I owned in the 90s for characters I still know absolutely nothing about.

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Name: Warlock
Origin story: Picasso painting come to life
Superpower: Can sense energy inefficient appliances.

Name: Askani
Origin story: Stork who got transformed into a cyber lady
Superpower: Baby delivered in 20 minutes or less or its free

I'm back, so let's keep this thread going

Name: Arcade
Origin story: Martin Short got bored
Superpower: Ascots

Name: Albert
Origin story: I'm pretty sure this is just Wolverine.
Superpower: Wolverine

Name: Forearm
Origin story: OH I get it because he has four arms
Superpower: Other than the arms, I think just jaundice

Name: Meggan
Origin story: pilates class
Superpower: No artist can draw her feet.

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