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When I was a kid, I would get to buy a comic book like once a year. There were just no comic book stores near where I lived. On the off-chance my family traveled somewhere that sold comics, I'd always buy one to go with the TV shows I liked -- usually X-men or Spiderman.

These single issues were always in the middle of long arcs where I had no clue what was going on. I remember one took place after half the X-Men had recently been killed.

I remember thinking "I bet if I could keep up with this stuff, these stories would be amazing."

Well I'm an adult now, I can, and they're not.

Actually, I had one other source of comic book info and that's the Marvel trading cards that were THE accoutrement to have at my school during 4th grade.

I remember being really disappointed when they got replaced by pogs in 5th grade, because pogs don't have any interesting lore tidbits on the back. Just skulls, eight balls and that weird S

There was like an 8-card set about the Xtinction Agenda arc where if you had all 8 cards it would form a single image and I remember thinking "Maybe if I get all 8, then I'll finally know what the heck Genosha is"


I can't believe in 2020 comic book covers still sometimes look like this

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@a_second_srol I assume "Avengers" are a type of humanoid demon and the sorcerer in the middle is chanting "zub magno grundetjern", the eldritch incantation to summon them. (The letter "A" on his hat must be a reference to Aleister Crowley's pyramid hat.)

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