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If you get followed by me today, this is still a backup account and @srol is still my primary account. I just finally realized that the best time to set up a backup account isn't after your Mastodon instance is offline.

A ball game will be had by all when dose Mets are in town

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When the New York Metropolitans take the field that's when you know, you got a baseball game on your hands, bucko!

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Anytime I retreat to the alt, I feel like I should make like exclusive alt points, reward the true followers.

Anytime there's a outage, it's only a matter of time before I end up here, and that time is measured in minutes.

Name: Askani
Origin story: Stork who got transformed into a cyber lady
Superpower: Baby delivered in 20 minutes or less or its free

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Name: Warlock
Origin story: Picasso painting come to life
Superpower: Can sense energy inefficient appliances.

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How about this: My favorite Marvel trading cards I owned in the 90s for characters I still know absolutely nothing about.

Wow, almost a year to the day of the last secondary Srol deployment.

In the event of an issue with the primary Srol, a secondary Srol will be deployed.

(made this account to get my Masto fix while my instance is down)

It might have crashed just to kill that post because it's already back up. Goodbye!

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I was about to make a post so inadvisable, my instance crashed.

My sketch for today is about a worldwide global phenomenon where 95% of the population gets up at the same time every day and silently screams into a mirror for 48 minutes. It's a commercial for a business made up of people from the 5% who are unaffected where they come and continue to live your life for you during the 48 minutes.

Oops, I've already activated Final Draft twice on computers I no longer have access too, and now I can't save my sketch for tomorrow.

Emailing them to see if they can fix this for me.

So this is an actual legit question I need help with, even though it seems absurd.

In the 90s, SNL made this absurd insurance commercial parody for elderly people seeking protection from robot attacks and got Sam Waterston to narrate it.

If this was being made in 2020, who would they get instead.

Okay, how do I write scripts again? I've not done this since last August.

fast food 

This is fine. I like how oniony it tastes (also explains why I never had it when I was younger as I thought for a long time in my life I didn't like onions (I know, I know, I was a dipshit))

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