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A man named John Smith and his five sons start a law firm:

Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith & Smith Legal

@mike I misread "Arkansawyer" and thought you were a lawyer, but the point is if you ever go into law might I suggest naming your firm "Cole's Law" (

The "big mood" meme is actually an admission that the vocabulary we have for describing commonly occurring mental states and sentiments is inadequate, and that we need to be on the lookout for recognizable intersubjective discursive objects that can be used to convey what we actually feel when words fail us

which, admittedly, is beautiful af

@HTHR "oh bother," said Pooh. "we've awoken a nameless entity." / SaaS critique Show more


the plural of index is indices
the plural of matrix is matrices
the plural of dominatrix is dominatrices
the plural of box is bices
the plural of ox is ices
the plural of ax is also ices

meanwhile the plural of ice is "fascist pigs" / SaaS critique Show more

@Shamar @alcinnz @ebel @pettter @HerraBRE @bjoern @galaxis @alanz here's a couple of other p2p communication projects that might be interesting: Twister (BitTorrent/Blockchain based social network), Tox (encrypted p2p IM and audio/video calls), Briar (end-to-end encrypted Tor-based IM with forums and blogs), Retroshare (too many features to even list)

@hhardy01 @seanl @Shamar @ebel @pettter @rysiek @HerraBRE @galaxis @bjoern
BBSes are substantially more mature in the ease-of-installation and ease-of-security fields. I've considered self-hosting my own mail via a self-hosted Citadel BBS for some time now. Packages are trivially available, and it can double as a mailing list and web forum if people were so inclined to create accounts on it.

And by BBS, I'm talking about stuff like RemoteAccess or Citadel, not phpBB. ;)

@hhardy01 @Shamar @vertigo @ebel @pettter @rysiek @HerraBRE @galaxis @bjoern I think we should just try different things in an attempt to make incremental steps rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. I would like to see large scale networks built on BATMAN and ad hoc WiFi. One of the major things that's gotten in the way is that Android doesn't support adhoc without root and inconsistently even with root.

@hhardy01 @Shamar @ebel @pettter @rysiek @HerraBRE @galaxis @bjoern More like FIDONet and amateur radio packet BBSes. These are all solved problems, if you're willing to dig far enough back into history. TCP/IP has utterly *destroyed* the knowledge accumulated in administering more 'primitive' networks (I put in quotes, because IP is, in many ways, more primitive than some BBS networks were).

the ghost in the machine sounds like a pretty spooky guy

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