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This instance only allows senior toot engineers. If you have at least 10+ years of mastodon experience please apply here (banana.dog). We are looking for rockstar ninja rocket scientists and we offer unlimited PTO as well as a fully stocked snack bar (with soylent). We are a lean, agile, remote friendly mastodon startup that pays in the bottom 25% for senior tooters. All new members get equity via an innovative ICO call BananaCoin.

The twisted form staggers forward. Flesh, sallow and putrid, drips like tallow off of blackened bones. Dozens of eyes roll about in a hairless misshapen head. It speaks, in a voice that sounds like dying angel, "We should do a podcast!"

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Some state that "Mastodon sucks" because of federation, calling it "a states-rights solution to a global problem." (amongst other things)

Trouble is, while they may have a point, and my posts here may be kept forever, I see no reason why I should remain in Jack's Dudebro Cesspool. I'm taking my chances here.

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@shoutcacophony @ericmoritz @masanbol hey, finally ccing me :p

but yeah, forced positivity does sound like it'd screw up marginalised people. can't get angry about oppression, because that gets labelled as "negative", much as it also gets labelled "uncivil'

@ericmoritz @masanbol seconding using CWs, that's the way we do it on here

also, strong boost for "being against all negative emotions, ever" that sort of thing created pocket corners of the federation where marginalized and oppressed people were basically not welcome, which we're still recovering from

tl;dr (blunt) the human experience is a wide spectrum, try not to be a fucking care bear about everything, thanks

cc: @a_breakin_glass

@hj @sampo what's up with the first gif.

anime noses are weird

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