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tfw you type don't @ me but forget the space between @ and me and so you are the one who in fact @'s me

it built!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



gamecube wii!

@elomatreb yess
and planned obsolescence, should no longer be a thing tbh

@popefucker pshh, that's such a millenni-*is mobbed off stage and thrown to the wolves*

Hey. Americans. Yes, I'm looking at you.

Stop splitting your culture into "generations". Its overly simplistic and ignores the deeper structural problems in society.

Sweet dreams are made of bees
Who am I to disagree?
I travel the world with my seven bees
Everybody's lookin for something

2017: people wearing earphones in their nostrils like its normal

2018: its now possible to convert nationwide sentiment directly into MIDI

2019: most towns have a furry disco

2020: special bypass surgery to make sure none of your thoughts go through your brain anymore

2021: asteroid

@ultimape @natecull
Both the DHS and the GCHQ have issued press releases claiming that no such hardware exists. That's really fuckin' weird. Makes me think this is a 5eyes operation.

when the moon
hits your eye
you’ll be crushed
you will die
memento mori

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