@sir whether we want it or not, majority of software is written by "bad engineers", and people depend on it. It's better if the tools used to make it work with less hiccups, even if it constrains the environments where it can work.

@sir I disagree. Not everyone who develops software is a professional engineer, and most of the time have no incentive(or even unable) to become a "good engineer". Take for example data science. They do use programming, they create utilities for self and others, but they do not gain anything from becoming a "good engineer". For them using tools that decrease the amount of thinking they have to do for a piece of code, while also adding security guarantees, is an obvious choice.

@sir @ignaloidas Unexperienced developer can do very harmful mistakes in Go just by overlooking some corner cases. The compiler does not help even when it could.

E.g. non-exhausting case switch or unintentionally shared state between goroutines. These bugs can live unnoticed for a long time and be very harmful.
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