people being surprised lolcat is a ruby program because people mentally want 2 assume ruby is an application specific language for rails.
@a_breakin_glass yes.

although ill be frank about ruby if ur not into ruby you're probably never going to start a new project with rails. You're also probably not getting into ruby unless for some reason rails gets popular again.

Unless you also live in japan (in whichcase you're using it like you would python) you're also probably not using ruby unless you're using a web framework either so functionally ruby's popularity is tied to rails.

which is where my comment about lolcat comes from, people so mentally associated ruby when rails was popular that u don't think about it otherwise. It's literally just a language that fills the same niche as python.

ruby 3.0 is supposed to be 3 times as fast which should make it better than python at python-esque tasks, but programmers don't like the number 3.

@oct2pus I'd rather write a webapp with Caveman (a CL web framework)

@a_breakin_glass you can write web apps in vala there is not a programming language without a web framework.
@a_breakin_glass you found another.

you'd think cobol but also it's a meme language now so ofcourse someone would write a cobol web framework just because they can.
@a_breakin_glass unfortunately im mentally done doing these.

my point stands if it is a programming language, someone has probably built a web framework for it, even if as a joke.
@a_breakin_glass okay you've finally found one without a web framework, congratulations. I would've started with Jade since its the last fully proprietary language I know of in semi-active development. (they are very litigious if you want to use the word 'Jade' in a programming project)
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