@a_breakin_glass i mean, its worth remembering that tens of other academics probably applied for the same job and were turned down in favour of the self-published race scientist

@garfiald true. I'm wondering why exactly anyone would go for a race scientist who sucks this fucking obviously

@garfiald did somebody with some funding role like that guy involved in peterson's involvement come on board?

@a_breakin_glass well the body in charge of appointing the fellowship is all white men, this much we know. the thing is that carl is (or rather, before this fellowship, was) all but entirely ostracised from the academic world, which is why he's publishing in the non-peer-reviewed journal which he is also the editor of. so idk tbh

@a_breakin_glass @garfiald Maybe it was the "variety in the marketplace of ideas" crowd having their heads so deeply up their asses they didn't notice they were hiring a crackpot. That's the most charitable interpretation I can muster.

@trickster @garfiald true, but plain racism doesn't explain why they got this guy instead of someone more dogwhistle-y

@a_breakin_glass @garfiald Fair enough. But if there was corruption from the top, maybe they were testing the waters, and see what they can get away with.

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