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Microsoft is Terran
Apple is Protoss
Linux is Zerg

avocado goblin @a_breakin_glass

@jordyd freebsd is xel'naga
because lore races

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@a_breakin_glass or just "Ancient Unix" would be probably better

@a_breakin_glass of course the Zerg/Linux was the last creation of the Xel'Naga/Ancient Unix, and their ultimate downfall

@a_breakin_glass no! Apple is the "regular" Protoss and BSD are the Dark Templars!

@a_breakin_glass chronologically it doesn't work but I feel it fits better with the "spirit" of the two

@jordyd @a_breakin_glass

When the stars are right again, Elder Unix will rise from the sunken ruins of Bell Labs.

@starbreaker @a_breakin_glass is this from a particular universe I can't place it