windows, or as i like to call it, freaky deaky data leaky

it’s weird how people treat borders like they’re real and not made up. and also this but with intellectual property rights and the authority of police

don't you hate it when a disturbing song about a disturbing topic is fucking catchy

I found a book I want to read on the Internet Archive. I can’t copy it. I must “borrow” it. This illustrates the artificiality of it all. Most of all because in Switzerland 8 have the right to make a copy for myself and my close friends and family. DRM and the artificial rules around it deny me the benefits of the digital age and deny me my rights for the monetary gain of a few corporate heads and software engineers. This isn’t right!
And already they are trying to change the law. 💰🙈

The two types of anime food: solid sphere or more detailed than anything else in the room

everyone on mastodon is being replaced by bots - and many blame lynne

no porn on my christian social media website 😠 😠

@tan being physically gaslit by catgirls

"I'm sure that table was somewhere else five minutes ago"

a catgirl jointlessly squeezing through a cat door to get into your home and hide behind your furniture\be a horrible goblin

Are you or someone you love "pupy"? You may be entitled to compensation.

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I sometimes imagine some far future civilization refilling the coal mines with charcoal or some other synthetic version of coal, maybe topping up a few salt domes with petroleum so that in case of complete collapse with none of their 'How to Rebuild Civilization in 21 Days' books surviving, their descendants will still have access to ready sources of energy.

@a_breakin_glass based on the speed video encoder development moves at, probably 2074

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Crows. The geese would think they we're winning, and it would appear so, until suddenly, violently, it would end and the landscape would be peppered with what remains.

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