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I suppose i had it coming when i started the sentence with "butt" lol

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@natecull Large organizations are good at producing conformity. They have to be, otherwise they wouldn't be large organisations.

@jankoekepan You just don't DO on-premises servers and even on-premises security analysis consoles. It's all cloud, cloud, cloud.

Security is MUCH better done in another country, by a large corporation.

That way you know it's secure, see.

In fact we should probably be MORE suspicious of all OUR employees, because they're not Cloud.

@jankoekepan The vendor was selling a cloud-based antivirus solution, which sends telemetry from every workstation of every running process and every opened file up to The Cloud (in another country), where Big Data Algorithms would do unspecified correlation-y things with all other users' data to detect if there were ongoing security threats.

All the people in the room were security engineers.

They pitied my naive distrust of The Cloud.

You just don't NOT do The Cloud, even in security.

But very few things scare me quite as much, bone-deep, as the average IT person's implicit trust in the pure-hearted goodness of Large Corporations.

The bigger the corporation, the more the trust.

It's amazing.

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tired: easy but accurate criticisms of dumb but widespread takes are bad because you get sealioned by people who missed the point

wired: easy but accurate criticisms of dumb but widespread takes are good because, with very little effort, you get a list of people who can safely be muted without worrying about missing out on intelligent conversation

Mathmachicken made me laugh but it shouldn't have

Warm Grue™

note: Warm Grue Enterprises is not responsible for any incident of you being eaten by grues in the dark, even if they're warm.

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