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austin powers: the spy who was shaggy (1999)

@a_breakin_glass @lousycanuck the stone was worse due to how many people were involved and NOBODY stopped it

Happy boring cis couple do the gender reveal only to find nothing, because I, a thief, have stolen their precious gender. Good luck finding it, heteros.

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hm, the wm/wm window manager is not super great, why did they have to change rio?

Rob's in the garden doing some kind of craft work with the kids.

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The “would you kill baby Hitler” thought experiment is rooted in the fundamentally flawed “great men” view of history. In this essay I will

Mastodon is Crumbling -- No, not the Fediverse as a Whole, Specifically Mastodon, and Yes this Makes Sense

@a_breakin_glass @lynnesbian

*looks into timeline and clicks on lynne's profile. PS1 startup sound*

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