Huh. TIL the first .onion site to be officially certified by a third party was the one and only fedbook


And fun fact: .onion URLs are hashes. That means that fedbook had to dedicate tons of CPU space and probably tons of time to generating hashes until it found one that it could backronym into something intelligible. I don't think anyone else has a fully legible .onion url (usually they settle for just the beginning, like nytimes3xbfgragh.onion/ )

if potatoes are so good, why aren't there potatwos?

#Bernie2020 vs. not organizing all of your political activity around one person

this one only works if you read it aloud 

i just find it funny that people who desperately want to troll art communities end up creating art themselves when they probably dont mean to

Sure, VUE's FLOSS, but it hasn't been developed since 2015, and lacks stuff like curved lines afaik

tfw a lot of good mindmapping tools are either proprietary or moribund

tbh, I find entering bibliographies in BibTeX (well, technically Biber) format kind of relaxing?

tired: wanting to read Nietzsche because übermensch

wired: wanting to read Nietzsche because of eternal recurrence and amor fati

"but those aren't the same thing"

perhaps not, but surely any time management methods will be conditioned by clock time?

@kaniini @dansup

> funkwhale is a piracy tool.

Moreso than something like PeerTube?

I get that Funkwhale originally served a completely different purpose (basically a knockoff of Grooveshark for, ahem, "streaming your own music collection") and therefore stems from a somewhat different set of design principles than Reel2Bits, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Funkwhale "only" exists to be a piracy platform.

I'd argue that instead, it has latched on to a different potential use-case, and may evolve to become a hybrid between something-like-Spotify and something-like-Soundcloud. Personally, I'd love to see their proposed features actually help artists in the fediverse share their original works.

I realize that FW has yet to embrace a structure that actually allows for any kind of compatibility with fediverse applications, but the evolutionary changes required to support that dynamic are not some impossible pipe dream, either. At the moment, the bigger issue is probably the User -> Library -> Content_with_metadata approach, whereas something like Reel2Bits would be more aligned with User -> Note-With-Track-Attachment, and I'll admit that it would take some heavily lifting to reconcile those two things.

They're just different approaches, I don't think Funkwhale is actively trying to be some malicious project that pretends to be good for the fediverse.

on one hand, drifting away from social media means I lose contact with people I'm friendly with on it, but otoh it frees me from distractions when I need it

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