There's a place called "Elephant Butte State Park".

In /New Mexico/, of all places

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The #OSI >MUST< better enforce the brand, otherwise OSI will be obsolete or facilitator/enabler of #proprietarysoftware

Lots of proprietary software now calls itself "open" -- to the point people no longer know what >really< is #freesw (and what fakes it)

what if you started mario kart 8 deluxe and mario said "MARIO KART, EIIIIIIIIII" and it never stopped and kept getting louder and you turned the switch off but it kept going forever

banana plugs: the electrical connector that's high in potassium!

people who speak english as a second language love to compulsively apologise for mispronouncing "circuitous" while native english speakers shout "ish been ein jelly dony LOL" at the top of there voice

Me when I first encountered astrology:

"Cancer!? Why in the world would anyone identify with an agonizing, deadly disease?

Why does Ohio have a county called Pee Pee.

what was wrong with Fallout Old Vegas????

@dankwraith this kind of stuff worries me because i actually subscribe to a more idealist viewpoint -- namely, that our interactions with the world are constrained and dictated by our consciousness and senses, and that we don't percieve reality in an absolute sense, or that _absolute reality_ even exists

however, my experience with consciousness has felt more like wetware dreaming pleasant, fucked up dreams of personhood than anything beyond the actual physical apparatus that contains me

i don't think it's a coincidence that rational materialist philosophy is so pervasive under capitalism, a system of social and economic organization whose fundamental characteristic is elevating the sanctity of property (objects) over life (subjects)

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