just popped into my head 

just popped into my head 

just popped into my head 

to expand on this: when i say 'fluid', i mean not one or the other and not the same across time, but varying; and when i say 'fractal', i mean gender always manifests in intersection w/ every other social category: upper-class gender manifests differently from working-class, black from white, straight from gay, and so on. the idea of two people sharing a gender can only be an abstraction — imposed on us by the patriarchy or adopted in pursuit of revolution, but ultimately to be dispensed with

i don't believe in any sort of a structured classification system for gender — not a spectrum, not a compass, not a tesseract. the impulse to try to provide a formal foundation to identity is understandable, but, i argue, ultimately just an internalised reflex of the binary straitjacket. gender is fundamentally fluid and fractal; trying to fit it into a scheme is a mistake which can only serve to reify the very systems of oppression we're trying to undo

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@jookia Anti-freedom-zero is cosmetic guilt-washing. People feel helpless to actually do anything about Bad Stuff, so instead they take measures to distance themselves from bad stuff along some notion of complicity.

UK pol, "terror" laws 

"fantasy feudal society goes through magical post scarcity upheaval" sounds good but idk if there's anything like that

fantasy series with a singularity based on magic rather than technology

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