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i made a good meme and im going to post it everywhere idc

kinda pissed off how gif avis dont move until you mouse over them but i will keep my pic as twelves right shoulder regardless

Electronic Producer mixing cycle 

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Electronic Producer mixing cycle 

Kero Kero killed it, minecraft concerts are that gas

i love how old italian movies were filmed with no sound. id love to work on a film set where everyone is talking at full volume lmao

also everyone and their mother is becoming a twitch DJ lmao, strange times

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was briefly at a 420 rave in second life and will be going to a concert in minecraft tomorrow. for someone with no money this is starting to be a pretty cool alternative to looking at concert lineups i can never see.

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good thing to come out of current situations is the influx of concerts being held in video games. we really in the future

using my middle finger to push the bridge of my glasses closer to my face, causing a glare intended to blind onlookers

i have an urge to create web content again but i have very few ideas on what to make, never tried vlog format stuff but i feel strange just talking to the camera.

back to using this site and twitter equally as infrequently

Bear in mind
We all fall behind
From time to time 🎶

I used to think disco infiltrator was a corny song but it's been hitting lately

Absolutely obliterated my homescreen with widgets so as to dissuade myself from cellphone use

Its been working ngl

I have no idea whats going on in the world and I feel much better because of it

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