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Why is it called a 'street car' every car is a street car lmao, they should call it a rail-bus or road train idk.

Lmao doesn't mean 'Laugh my ass off' anymore, it just means Lmao

i was going to not smoke today but its too cold and shitty outside to also be fiending tokes

i bought a cadet cap and finger-less gloves today, im truly fitted like the dude from watch_dogs

Gonna start biting my thumb at Niggas flipping the bird ain't enough

they got hella lego games on steam sale rn i might have to cash out :yellow_money:

you guessed hungry and $20 in the hole

shoulda just walked to the wing spot

i ordered my food an hour ago, the restaurant still hasn't confirmed. place your bets guys

i released some music into the wild 

i released some music into the wild 

Streetcar just drove past and the whole room rumbled gotta sample that next time

I've been on multiple instances for varried amounts of time and every single one feels less like a Hivemind than the entirety of twitter. Just from watching how people speak on here I can tell the average mastodon user has most (not all) of their braincells intact

Mastodon is pretty great compared to current day twitter. I don't see it ever taking off in north America though.

It goes:

Luigi :poender:
Wario :chaos_emerald_gold:
Mario :mario_flop:
Yoshi :yoshi:
The other one :so_gay:

In that order!

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