I get that roleplayers can often overwhelm a server and that sucks, but people who cry that roleplayers ruin an MMO by being "cringe" are so weird.
"Yeah I hate walking somewhere and seeing people having fun and bringing the game to life, it sucks. I wish nobody talked ever and everyone was indistinguishable from a sufficiently advanced AI."

@Yokai ime in past games though, roleplayers flocking to your server is often a good thing because it seems to create a friendlier social environment overall. Still kinda mad about Tarnished Coast and Balmung in GW2/FFXIV being chosen by the RP community early and then being flooded by WvW types/raiders/etc looking to take advantage of the friendly community while disparaging the RPers who made it that way :/

@sky I could maybe get the complaints about RP servers being too crowded but now that FFXIV has world visiting what are people even complaining about? I go to RP events regularly in Mateus and Balmung even though my character is in Goblin. Nothing stops people from just visiting friends on another server.

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