Wild that the prequels are actually good now, huh

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Talking to dead carwash attendants with my squeegee board

oh man Ereshkigal arriving in FGO in 2 hours? Love Mesopotamian mythology and Rin Tohsaka too much to not blow all my Saint Quartz :blobsweats:

Do YouTube links embed here? I forget.

Anyways, Ippatsu immediately after declaring Riichi after only the fifth discard is the kind of dumb occurrence that's only fun when it isn't being done to you.


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Sword Art Online was only ever a 6/10 at best and I'm just torturing myself by continuing at this point.
My reaction to seeing a male antagonist and a woman in the same shot should not be "oh, this scene AGAIN."

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reaching dangerous mashed potato levels

(94%) ■■■■■■■■■□

Coming in at 4 AM to shitpost about my new Mahjong addiction.

Me: I feel like Mahjong is just something I'll never wrap my head around.

Game developers: haha but what if... It was a gacha game with cute anime girls as your player avatars?

Me:Huh. I don't know why that guy would declare Riichi when he's that far ahead. Awful risk. Little does he know I need one more 2-Pin to close out this hand with Tanyao and 2 dora for a total of 3 han. You're gonna be paying big time, bucko. No wonder you're stuck in this rank.

Thank you, one random seeder, you will not be forgotten.

Never felt more united in the struggle than I feel in this moment, as I watch a 7GB torrent of 428 Shibuya Scramble download at mere kilobytes per second.

Got a Final Exam today but after that I'm just going to vegetate and watch the Code Geass movie baybee the Blu-Ray is out.

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People who unironically think the prequels are good are my lifelong enemies and I will fight them.
Come out, you cowards.

I come off as needlessly combative a lot of the time because I really, really can't tell if someone's lightly roasting me or insulting me. And sometimes even if I try to joke back and it comes off as me taking it personally or something.

Basically what I am saying is I'm a socially impaired dummy.

One thing I really suck at is knowing when people are joking and not being serious.
Also being able to convey that I myself am joking and not being serious.
So two things.

My favorite anime genre is people having chuuni superpower swordfights in parking lots.

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beef levels are currently at 06% but fluctuating wildly

(06%) ■□□□□□□□□□

Just finished watching Iron-Blooded Orphans and it might actually be one lf the best anime I've ever watched. I think I gotta watch more Gundam, clearly.

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