just heard someone call chiptune "pixelated" and I think my physical reaction was strong enough that I was teleported to another dimension

VR companies: inside out tracking is just no good. How are we supposed to see the controllers when you put them at your sides or behind you.

Me: more cameras?

VR companies: there's just no way.

Me: you can just put more ca-

VR companies: guess we'll never know.

On a sidenote I specifically choose tank classes in MMOs because I like feeling important while also not having that difficult of a job at all which makes me like, the MMO equivalent of a manager.

I feel like being a cute girl would make every activity I already enjoy, much more enjoyable.
"I'm tanking this dungeon... And also I'm a cute girl."

I feel like after complaining that GoT didn't get enough fair criticism it's time to throw my hat in the ring and say that I think this entire season has been a downward spiral as the show rushes to the finish line, coherence be damned.

Suzaku: If you murder a murderer the amount of murderers in the world remains the same.

Lelouch: Kill two.

Also since I get one month off from college I've been watching anime idk recommend stuff 2 me and roast me for how much Fate I watch myanimelist.net/profile/Yo_kai

I mean just subverting expectations isn't necessarily good there's gotta be something else there. The show doesn't build up to that sequence in any way whatsoever and it's anti-climactic and cheap-looking as hell.

People who insist the last two episodes of Evangelion are actually amazing genius: why.

It's wild that Japan has an antisemitism problem considering you can't fill out a FIFA-legal soccer team with all the Jewish people living in Japan.

Say what you will about Games as a Service but I personally like that every game lets you play dressup with your characters now thanks to the introduction of unlockable skins and gear. I may not be good at the game but I look tight as hell. Granted, I won't *pay* for the skins if that's the only way to unlock them but hey.

Goth Yokai relayed

cubo-futurism levels are 39% and rising

(39%) ■■■□□□□□□□

This is a callout post on my little brother, who at the age of eight did an impression of Vader's breathing noises and never apologized.

Not to both-sides this thing but the shitty Vader comic has given rise to a new, also very bad argument from certain people on Twitter who think that saying "wow Vader looks cool" is the same as being a white nationalist.

I don't know how to properly explain this, but: Star Wars is fake. It's not real. Relax.

Pulling Meltryllis in FGO... There really is a god.

Persona 5 Royal let me date the therapist, you coward.

Giant dork wearing Fate references. Show more

You know people can tell when you're being aggressive and combative about your opinions vs. when you actually have an opinion you wanna put out there and discuss. It's not hard.

Not watching a show or thinking a show is bad isn't an attack or anything but it's curious how some people only have opinions on how GoT sucks when other people are talking about how they enjoy it.

okay it wasn't a brick but it was a crab? Okay crabs are fine. No, it's been a good day. Worthy sacrifice.

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