I predict that dmbrandon's rebranding as a chill streamer after being a bigoted piece of garbage and losing his job as commentator and integral personality of a mid-tier esport will last for about uhhhh five days before he bullies some 13 year old Ganon main for spamming Neutral-B.

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Smash Bros. complaint Show more

Me: I'm gonna branch out. I won't just play Fire Emblem characters.

Me after getting Marth: my boy... I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

48 minutes for this download to complete god damnit I WANNA PLAY SMASH NINTENDO

Goth Yokai relayed

#DragonAge #TheDreadWolfRises OH FUCK THEY DID IT THEY STRAIGHT UP FUCKING FINALLY DID IT THEY DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE DA4 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nintendo eshop having issues with PayPal so Big Brain Genius over here decided to get Nintendo eshop cards from PayPal. Except I just got an email telling me it might be delayed.

Sooner or later, I will Smash.

if PayPal could send me those gift card codes before Smash comes out I'd appreciate it

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"This is a super cool idea! (Come into our Entrepreneurship program!)"

Wow this is the best response I've received to a Final Project but also no thanks I loathe Marketing and only did this class for the elective credit.

Mike Laidlaw getting hired by Ubisoft is great because it means the games will be even gayer now.

Give me my gay Viking RPG, Ubisoft.

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Goth Yokai relayed

wine exists because people despise using windows so fucking much that they will reimplement every single fucking API call in the entirety of win32 just to avoid booting into that godforsaken operating system

"fuck if I cut out the 600 word analysis of the Dunmer I can fit in more about Halamshiral."

This is the only time I've hit the page limit and had to actively cut planned sections from an essay. I'm proud, yet also sad I can't talk more about ELVES.

Weird flex about receiving an Anthem Closed Alpha invite, I guess

LMAO the EA Questionnaire when you receive an invitation for the Anthem Closed Alpha asks for gender and if you input "Not Listed" it'll ask you to type which gender you most identify with? That owns.

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