Anthem is the definition of an alright game.

7/10, I'll finish all the stuff in it and come back in a month when the updates drop.

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we're seeing buffoonery levels at about 72%

(72%) ■■■■■■■□□□

I've only ever played BOTW so man is it going to be some whiplash going from sexy femboy Link to Gremlin Link.

Man I love Hellblade but idk if it'll be the best experience on Switch, I mean, it's an atmospheric experience kinda dependent on not dropping hella frames and having a good audio setup which uh, the undocked Switch does not have.

Apparently this Ryzen 3 2200g can turbo to 3.7GHz with a tiny caveat that everytime it does the games begin to stutter and drop frames to I have to manually tell it to stop going too fast. I got such a crappy chip that it can't do 3.7GHz without instability. Luck is surely my lowest stat.

I don't usually read shitty articles but this one about a sassy white guy arguing that Marie Kondo is wrong because the cloud exists had me intrigued and yup, it went exactly like I thought it would.

Left Twitter just found out about the twist to Attack on Titan and it's not that I don't care it's that I already went through all the stages of grief two years ago when the twist was fresh and I'm just tired by now.

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It's so wack to me that fanworks are generally only respected if it's a visual medium. Like, fanfiction is ridiculed, fangames have everyone up in arms about copyright infringement, and everyone thinks music based on another work is cringe.
But if you make a short film or draw real good then people will worship your unlicensed unofficial work.

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I liked that in Battlefield 1 medics had semi-auto rifles what are these pea shooter SMGs in BFV smh. I wanna heal *and* snipe, Dice.

So, graphics cards are supposed to idle around 30 to 40 degrees Celcius. I have never had a card that didn't idle at 50 without adjusting the fan curve. The good news is I've also never had a card break so follow your dreams.

Crazy that multiplayer level design peaked with Angel City and Relic in Titanfall and nobody's talking about it.

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Every week I play a match of Titanfall 2 and go through the five stages of grief.

Hi I'm a popular YouTube personality. Yeah, I watch anime. I love Cory In The House, and this is a joke I made all by myself and is very much not wearing thin after years of overuse.

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Gamers are bad enough. Gamers that act like a company must always make one franchise they're known for and absolutely nothing else? The worst.

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