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mathematician: everything is functions
computer engineer: everything is arrays
programming language researcher: everything is trees
algorithm researcher: everything is graphs

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Cheap VPN services for intranets? 

We're keeping each other up and we should stop.

Good night y'all!

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what? people cant just be waking up now, us of the are still scurrying about

at least let us retreat to our posting caverns before you say good morning

...how is it 4:30 AM? Yeah, I need to go to bed.

...we need to go to bed. Whoops. Guess I'm fronting strongly enough I didn't automatically register everyone else.

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*sprawls out, yawns wide, idly watches the timeline*

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as much as i respect information security as a field, some of the people in it can be real jerks. it's almost as if they're taught not to respect boundaries and ignore when people tell them to not pry into others' affairs!

is meow down? I think meow might be down.

We should probably not use GPT on the SD card we're going to use for Wii hacking. :P

(it'll just take a reformat, but still)

S-expressions: Awesome.

The indentation most people use with them: Absolutely horrid. :3

So why is making really fancy desktop setups called "ricing", again?

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You don't have to be hauling bricks or whatever the hell people think SHOULD make you tired, to be tired.

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I'm getting off of bird hell because this person doesn't understand I can be afab, Non-binary and she/her

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Not every Non-binary person has to go by they/them

You can be nonbinary and a man
You can be nonbinary and a woman
You can be both, you can be neither

I don't owe you an explanation just because you don't know how to Google it

sh, the shell is working, don't disturb it!

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