With the creation of my @Vyzie account, I'm going to flag this account as 'moved' for the time being.

Feel free to follow me at @Yarideki!

Oops. I accidentally left my computer on all night, last night. At least it was running BOINC (WCG/Milky Way) so thankfully some good came out of it.

I still don’t understand why people consider read receipts a good part of any protocol

Low angle picture, suggestive 

Well, whatever I was doing, it seems to have worked. Don't hurt your neck looking up at me. 💙

Art by furaffinity.net/user/inu-jean

International house in the middle of the street

financial need, immediate 

I need to cover some medical bills now.

The total is multiple thousands of dollars.

I'd be happy if I can just get enough to replace the stuff they destroyed while "performing a takedown" on my unresisting self.

Anything helps, but sharing on all the social media helps most.

Make #suspendRamseyer trend.
He orchestrated it and is using the others as scapegoats to escape the consequences.


I was not resisting.
But I'm about to.

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@chr Gosh Masto 95 has gotten even better since I last used it and I love this theme. Thank you for your hard work on it. :>

Work, bookface mention 

Work: hey we're doing a weightloss thing where you can win prizes.
Me: Alright, sounds neat
Work: Just join our facebook group
Me: I don't need a chance at 40,000$USD that bad. I'll pass.

Mastodon, I have a small confession.

I enjoy wearing socks and sandals together.

Hey guys :3 my name is Ash/ribbonfemale online and I do the draws :3 this is my main fursona Jenna the dog cx rave dog chocolate lover :3333

can we take the fact that shadows are always cast directly beneath every object as definitive proof that animal crossing takes place on the inner surface of a dyson sphere

I await the day that you can pause video messages in telegram.
Also for the day that you can not autoload web previews

🎶I boop this kitty. I boop this kitty and touch the nose 🎶

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