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Neon Moon, a retro-futuristic cyberpunk tarot deck by @PixelOccult featuring original illustrations for all 78 cards, is now crowdfunding:

I've been studying Japanese all damn day. I just realized what じよし (Joshi) means. すごい!

This is a really cool Instagram Blog
This is a black and white of local Japanese women in traditional kimono preparing to attend a wedding.

Lucky for us, they lovingly recreated the whole darn thing in There is a lot of analog fetishism here that makes for great wallpaper, just saying.

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This is the Motorola MDT-9100. MDT stood for “Mobile Data Terminal” and were used for messaging dispatch. It was first introduced in the 1980s, for police units and remained in use well into the 2000s in some places

These days, of course, you’re more likely to see a laptop in a police cruiser

Via the Crypto Museum:

( Please limit your exposure to this site to prevent awesomeness overload )


@XiongShui My apologies. It appears it was a typo on my part, or that of the Reddit contributor.

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Don't know what the haters are yapping about. That was pretty damn brilliant!

It's snowing here in Japan, so in celebration, I think I'll drink some Bourbon and watch for the first time...

@eliasg I had homemade goulash with sourdough bread for lunch but now I'm hungry for fried peppers and .
This is photo also named

Hello . It's windy and therre's plenty of snow here in and it is a beautiful today. I think this strange feeling is called contentment. Nevertheless, I found some photographs that make me miss another one of my favorite cities, . This one is called by from her Flicker page (Source):

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Can't remember if I shared this link before.

"Breaker" is a cyberpunk short film about a freelance data cracker who does a quick favor for a friend, only to find herself in deep doo-doo. Wonderful visuals and styling on a low budget!


Don't you think they're are other planets out there in ? Good planets, livable planets? If not better than at least good and different?

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@Wintermute Yeah, they did a whole lot with cool costumes, minimal SFX, and a great script. Who needs a bazillion dollar budget?

@lostnbronx is absolutely right. is awesome. It won a butt-load of awards. Take 10 minutes to watch it.

Blue & Pink Computer from the (1979)
Love me some analog LED, dials, and switches!