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The synthetic reality of this particular timeline Simulation got you down?
Check out @RaygunHero

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@aral The answer from Amazon's spokerperson is priceless: "We’ll continue to invent more privacy features on behalf of customers.". You don't need to "invent privacy features" if you're not spying on people in the first place!

Wow. This federated Timeline blew up after I went to bed. Not complaining, but

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Arduino Spears
(handcrafted from whittled bamboo, abandoned plastic bottles and the detritus of electronic circuit boards, for Mitigation of Shock )


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#5yrsago They put a Pirate Party MEP in charge of EU copyright reform: you won't believe awesomesauce that followed

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anyways i'll never stop thinking about how the lead dev for yakuza transformed into a character from his own games as the series went on (cw: eye contact)

also he made super monkey ball

Here's another one I love... I just love it when a piece of Art fuses to the meat parts of your brain and then rewrites your consciousness like a virus... I can't get over this woman's glance...

The artist is

The collection (Source) is here:

I wonder... do you like dystopian city-scapes like I do?

I love cyberpunk wallpaper for my PC. My favorites pics show the city and the room... this is , a Dutch Artist. You can find his stuff at art station.


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There's a lot of these Captcha memes floating around but I thought this one was funny and worth re-posting/cross-posting.

Source: r/MrRobot on Reddit

あけましておめでとうございます! Happy New Year! 🎇🎆🍶🎉 I wasn’t on Mastodon much in 2019 due to travel, but I think you are all cool people and I'm looking forward to logging back on more often this year!

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@Wintermute i use alacritty, because of robustness/security as it's written in rust

+ it's fast
+ it's very configurable
+ it's compact on screen, no menu bars etc
- it tends to use quite a lot of memory (due to GPU buffers/textures, might vary per GL driver)
- it doesn't support color emoji

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