@HTHR I mean technically my life is original content so does that count?

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@noelle I honestly only found out about it recently because of a "Rise and Fall of Invader Zim" video tbh

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you are very cute and adorable regardless of what species you identify as

TIL that airbase-ng is not in ANY "official" Arch repos (that counts the AUR) and that's... weird to me

Mastodon should automatically prefix the CW with "RE:" when you're replying to a CW because sometimes it makes it look like I'm tooting something I'm not

Everyone loves the new hit throwback FPS that uses an older engine!
*5 seconds later*

we regret to inform you the dev team is constantly transphobic on their public discord

so apparently a wrong HDMI->VGA converter can damage a ?
is this true?

I wanna go back to when I thought I could just plug any monitor into anything as long as the plugs fit eachother :blobsad:

@compucat @quarky Wait Ash changed their avi I didn't realize ahhh
(Removed clarjon1 from this toot cuz don't wanna accidentally spam their mentions)

fun fact: you can put whatever you want into TXT records. there's nobody stopping you.

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dog sniffing noises, boost if you agree

(or don't, wouldn't wanna encourage such spam tactics, so just. show your appreciation in some form. i guess.)

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