the hershey's chocolate world charity stream is apparently happening

legalised torture of the disabled... sorry but that's what this is 

A federal appeals court axed a ban on the use of electric shock devices for correctional purposes.

Of course, the parents supported lifting the ban, rendering them wholly unfit parents.

A lot of the patients are autistic. Wanna know why autistics don't give a shit what neurotypicals say when it comes to "autism advocacy" and want them to shut up? This is why. They think torturing kids is "life-saving." This is how fucked up these parents are.

Just, holy fuck Mass, shut this fucking place down and take the kids away of anyone who would send them here.

Venting, cursing, complaining about my phone (- -) 

Broke my phone screen and I'm not fucking happy >.>
Expensive fucking repair, too
Goddamn it

I'm never going to get another fucking captcha this good again

I like how this headline sorta implies he wasn’t aware of it until it happened.

So you know how the 1541 has a 6502 in it? (it's basically a computer in a disk drive, but it has no display...)

So um

Here's a demo, and a writeup about the demo, on how to make a demo for a 1541 disk drive.

and have it display stuff.



Mind you the start of the demo showed cutting cables and I was very "NOOOooOOOO don't damage the equipment" so I hope people make custom cables instead of damaging cables but that's me

#demoscene #6502

@MairuzuRoxs Willing/Able to please zip up the original files? I'd love to send a copy to my friend basically as a surprise.
(And/or checksums of the images, if you'd rather I just download the images via Masto)

don't open 


...I did tell you not to open it.

reposting this but with cw: suicide and kiwi farms 


One of the most esteemed emulation developers, most likely committed suicide today. He was pushed to suicide by online harassment targeting him and his friends for multiple years. This is how the harassers on Kiwi Farms reacted to the news.

I still haven't fully processed what happened today. Near is not someone I talked to a lot, let alone knew personally, but they've always been someone I admired. Their work on bsnes/ares has inspired me and many others to get into emulation and aspire to higher quality work.

I encourage you to read's latest tweets about this to learn more about how online harassment can impact you and other. And how powerless you'll be to make it stop.

just think. some day, you'll be able to run Linux on the chip that Apple put in their computer to stop you from running Linux.

the fact that internet service issues causes the Comcast "live" outage map to go down is a pretty elegant summary of the types of issues that will only become more prevalent in our lives over the coming years.

NOTICE: youtube is setting pre-2017 unlisted videos to private. if you know of a bunch of unlisted videos from inactive accounts, now is the time to download them with a youtube downloader!!!

Weird fiction monsters are usually based on cephalopods, arthropods or amoebas, but what about weird ass tree seed pods like the sweet gum, which looks like an orb made of snapping bird beaks

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