My bank now requires to log in to their web banking after paying online with my credit card. They are literally setting up their customers to be fishing victims. Any random online store can redirect to a phishing page and who really does check domain names?

Also, a history of allowing verification steps from other domains and iframes has conditioned us well.

Their "solution" is to nag you everywhere about phishing with popups. Yeah, as if.

Today I learned that Samsung licenses exFAT for use on its phones.

Today I learned Google (at *least* for their Pixel line) does not.

i hate coming up with a good post, loading the phone client, then completely forgetting what I was going to post about because I accidentally read someone else's post that popped up automatically

you can shorten "social anxiety" into "society" and I don't know what to do with this knowledge

RWBY - S06 E09 

The Pyrrah statue. That got me hard in the heart.

Watch Asus 'non-stop chaos' as Google fumbles Nexus upgrade confirmations

it looks like macOS 10.15 dropped support for converting OS 9 era NDIF disk images to dmg, does anyone know if there’s a portable/open source alternative?

Please stop recommending matrix/riot/vector/element/whatever-they-call-themselves

It's the most user-hostile piece of software I've used in years. If you want people on FOSS I suggest the Conversations app unless given a more compelling reason.

@mars @prehensile Miiight be able to email them to see if they're willing to upload them to IA?

Tweet piracy is a crime. DO NOT ACCEPT IT. Demand a _genuine_ tweet from your Twitter timeline! Poor quality illegal tweets reduce your viewing pleasure and jeopardize future tweet production.

When in doubt, telephone the Federation Against Post Theft (FAPT) at 0181 856 6646.

You would think with all of their startup capital, the developers of Discord would properly implement /me instead of just making it a macro for italic text.

When did we collectively decide to start spelling "ask me for my consent" as "my network connection is metered" in computer settings UIs?

wait there's a super bowl? i thought we were in the middle of a pandemic

google chrome was using 4gb of ram

closed 50 tabs

google chrome is now using 6gb of ram

@ticky Also people on VPNs can't actually talk in chat so *oh boy*

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