Apple is slowly boiling frogs on client-side scanning.

They got a backlash when they announced everything they were planning all at once so now they’re drip feeding it, hoping you won’t notice.

#privacy #apple #clientSideScanning

I know the internet's probably already made a big deal out of this, but I just discovered something weird about the N64 version of Mario Tennis: Mario is usually the officiator, but since he's also a playable character, who do they get to officiate when Mario's in the game?

Well, there's a blue Mario.

There's a blue one.

Everyone knew there were red, green, orange and purple Marios. But who is blue Mario? Blario?

So now the CEO of Creative Commons is tweeting about NFTs, posting articles about them, and so is the main Creative Commons Twitter account.


@Jemma Tried it and don't think it's my thing, oof.
Oh well, thanks for the reply!

@Jemma Thank you!
I've loved Nova Launcher a ton, but I may need to experiment now, haha. :)

dagn tech tips:
get this on your pinebook pro (it forces youtube to do h264 instead of vp8/vp9 which works better with the hardware decoding [as in, actually works without stuttering])

@EeveeEuphoria Don't forget to change your avi here btw, in case it slipped your mind!

Why pulling plastic out of the open ocean is futile, and what approaches could actually work instead-especially if they got the kind of funding that that flash project with the vapourware booms does:

Periodic reminder that if you're on, join a better instance, a lot of us have that whole domain silenced and if you want to talk to us we won't see it

Ok so, odd ask, but... fuel pump shat the bed, and I'm stranded in Coeur d'Alene Idaho until such time as I can repair it or secure another (BMW wants $700 to ship the part to the nearest dealer in Spokane, WA by Friday at the soonest.... could be much longer to secure part from another source). I'm broke AF and need a safe place to sleep and wrench on a bike within, say, my AAA max towing distance of 200 miles of here.

anyone know of something interesting to do with the second slot in a dual-sim phone? data-only plans are expensive and I don't have the usage to need it
wondering if there's collective ISPs based on the open source 3G tower stuff or that kind of thing

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