Got a "Evoland: Legendary Edition" cart and it arrived today! :D

Example of "GIANT TOOTS" is attached.

Oh and when writing a toot, it makes your toot a "New Toot" and shows it on the main screen, but also has a "See new toot!" button you can click that loads your toot a second time?

Oh and I had to use the web UI to upload this pic... Because Hyperspace had font issues (only rectangles instead of each letter) AND it couldn't find the picture on the FS!

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Pansexuality/Sexuality talk / Transphobia / Question 

Is pansexuality transphobic?

Because my friend's basically saying that there are two binary sexes (penis or vagina) while your mental image is gender (so basically infinite).

Bisexuality may have "bi" meaning Two, but still can love everyone, no matter *gender*
So if you're worried about gender, you're transphobic -- And thus pansexuality is transphobic.

Attached image is what she sent me. Sorry if I got the above description wrong?

Pokemon Fusion 

Well this is the first one that popped up and I'm honestly pretty annoyed since I saw this earlier

top/bottom bingo, undescribed images 

How the heck could I not get any bingo? Oof

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