Submit your name by September 30 to have it included on the Mars Rover set to launch in July 2020:

I'm eyeing a Win98(?) computer so I can dump N64 games via a Gameshark. Yay...

hey does anyone have one of those images with a label maker and useless labels put on things

(stuff like a cat with a 'cat' label on it)

i wanna make a meme but can't find an image source

Pansexuality/Sexuality talk / Transphobia / Question Show more

Pansexuality/Sexuality talk / Transphobia / Question Show more

🔴 raw emoji ore, ready for chiseling into a ❤️ for mufos and friends

Whether joking or serious, 9/11 is a good subject to CW.

from binchicken site:

coo from @LittleMxSurly@binchicken: “Ask me how sick I am of subscription services”

coo reply from @BoringNerdyKate@binchicken: “Yeah I hate landlords too.”

so as most of yall know by now i graduated from UF (university of florida)

there was a new art education program there. do you wanna know what they called it?

if you capitalize WiFi correctly you have to say it in an alter case voice

In Mario Kart Wii, the poles around the finish line in the N64 Sherbet Land track have a gradient coloring. In an inventive case of asset reuse, the poles do not have their own texture; instead, the letter "I" from the banner is mapped onto them, producing the gradient.

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I know there are quite some #mastoadmin struggling with the disk space usage of the mastodon instance they maintain. The issue is not acknowledged enough and there are very few ways you can mitigate this using the official mastodon tools etc. Even better, often the proposed 'solution' is to 'get more disk space lol'.

Here's a compilation of recipes on how we try to deal with this for as we learn by doing.

In general we document many parts of on that wiki so that other collectives can use that information:

shot in the dark but does anyone have a usb dongle for the guitar hero 3 les paul controller? it looks like this

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