the meme dog is still alive and is still a v good girl btw

Oh hey btw, did you hear? #Splatoon2 is having a special free demo release from March 19th 7:00am PT to March 25th 6:59am PT! Anyone will be able to download a demo version of the game and give it a whirl to see if they enjoy it. No limits on game modes either! You can play Turf War, Ranked Battle (starting at level 10), and even Salmon Run! If you decide to buy the game afterward, you'll get to keep all of the equipment you managed to gather so far too! Come on and join the fun y'all

Desired: Google Stadia encourages devs to port games to Linux with higher quality; Google contributes to Wine/Proton which significantly improves pace of development. We reach the year of the Linux desktop.
Expected: the few developers who port for Stadia either cant or wont release this version on steam and no-DRM retailers.
Actuality: This is another Google venture that they inevitably abandon because thats just what Google does with their products.

hey did you all hear about the ouya coming back

#Firefox 66 rolls out this week. In fact ETA is from later TODAY

Get ready for media autoplay blocking. Please note:

Whilst immediately available (versions 66+) it will NOT be enabled by default, to ensure a smooth transition for all users. Over the course of the following week this WILL be enabled in increasing numbers until fully implementated for all users.

I've been testing it Nightly. You'll love it!

turns out devkitPro are shipping sdl_ttf 2.0.14 on all consoles, which, *checks notes*, makes the Wii U the first homebrew platform to support emoji in SDL
you're welcome

now shipping sdl2_ttf 2.0.15, featuring utf-8 emoji support
yeah that's right, your switch hacks don't have emoji support but you're damn right wiiu homebrew can do it

If you're into your wiiu dev, you might be happy to know that I've gone back and updated all the wiiu-fling packages; updated to use devkitPro's version of wut, and a few other little tweaks.
Kinda embarrassed by how long it took me to realise libromfs 0.4 was a thing πŸ˜…

Steven Universe (Season 1) - Spoilers Show more

Steven Universe (Season 1) - Spoilers Show more

Steven Universe (Season 1) - Spoilers Show more

let's not forget how the laws of mathematics don't apply here, it seems australian politicians have a knack for this sort of thinking

Now I'm wanting to figure out Super Metroid randomizer oops

Any suggestions by chance, y'all?

I forgot how hecking good early Steven Universe is for easy giggling.

In other news: I'm caught up on Steven Universe, so that's neat.

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Relationship related stuff (+++++) Show more

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