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oh and also just because i want to

its important that that is a valid reason

to do something because i want to

i dont like that society has instilled in me this idea that things i did as a kid are only for kids

so as a "fuck you" to that, im gonna try and find and play all the games i used to have on my mac when i was 4

just set up my own Pleroma at as an alt for @VyrCossont at

i've set up mutual links from each bio, but Pleroma doesn't do rel="me" so Mastodon won't show the relationship as automatically verified. you can check it yourself.

-Christmas Eve what about Christmas Adam?
-happy christmas adam to all men's rights activists
-Please stop pestering us with things like this. This has nothing to do with men fighting for their rights. Eve is short for 'evening".
Please don't turn activisim into a joke. Thanks.
-Someone isn't having a good chirstmas adam
-Christmas Adam: December 23rd. Comes before Christmas Eve and is generally unsatisfying

tfw when she scritches behind your ears and then you pass out in her boobs

we have tea-length dresses, but when are we getting tea-proof dresses?

me, startled awake by a terrifying thought:

they didn’t all forget that i’m a Lesbian while i was asleep, right?! that i love Women? Girls? fuck, i gotta remind everybody real quick! 🕷🕸

@VyrCossont I really wish we could have "advanced visibility" options with checkboxes for each of
- people not following you
- people you don't follow
- people on another instance

all unchecked = only mutuals on this instance
only third checked = only mutuals on all instances
third and second checked = followers only
third and first checked = only people I follow

> The more androgynous or masculine you can be the better! Every single result was a rejection of feminine presentation and style. As if straight people and culture owned all rights to feminine presentation and choosing to identify with femme style meant denying my queerness. Article after article presented the erasure of femininity and simultaneous embracing and uplifting masculine presentation as the ultimate way to succeed at visibly queer fashion. It broke my heart.

@astrum also gunna mention torrid (especially since I need to go bigger). I found this site SO helpful for figuring out what sorts of things I should be wearing and really helped me to be proud of SOMEthing about my body asap. (even if you're not 'plus size' i think the general thoughts about body shapes go a long way to finding some validation)

@VyrCossont I’m not saying I’m transitioning just for a better class of mutuals


I’m not going to deny that it’s a lovely benefit

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe she did it with make up. It's her decision. Mind your business.

if on the very slim chance you are a trans guy or trans masc non-binary person reading this and going "huh, why didn't Vyr approve my follow req?":

this ain't Twitter, half of everyone has their pronouns in their bio, which is 👌

remember that i have only your bio, your most recent posts, and any interactions i can remember to decide what your deal is. if you didn't interact, you don't toot about transy things, and your profile doesn't have "trans" or "⚧" in it, congrats, you internet pass 😆

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