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oh and also just because i want to

its important that that is a valid reason

to do something because i want to

i dont like that society has instilled in me this idea that things i did as a kid are only for kids

so as a "fuck you" to that, im gonna try and find and play all the games i used to have on my mac when i was 4

just set up my own Pleroma at as an alt for @VyrCossont at

i've set up mutual links from each bio, but Pleroma doesn't do rel="me" so Mastodon won't show the relationship as automatically verified. you can check it yourself.

-Christmas Eve what about Christmas Adam?
-happy christmas adam to all men's rights activists
-Please stop pestering us with things like this. This has nothing to do with men fighting for their rights. Eve is short for 'evening".
Please don't turn activisim into a joke. Thanks.
-Someone isn't having a good chirstmas adam
-Christmas Adam: December 23rd. Comes before Christmas Eve and is generally unsatisfying

tfw when she scritches behind your ears and then you pass out in her boobs

we have tea-length dresses, but when are we getting tea-proof dresses?

me, startled awake by a terrifying thought:

they didn’t all forget that i’m a Lesbian while i was asleep, right?! that i love Women? Girls? fuck, i gotta remind everybody real quick! πŸ•·πŸ•Έ

@VyrCossont I really wish we could have "advanced visibility" options with checkboxes for each of
- people not following you
- people you don't follow
- people on another instance

all unchecked = only mutuals on this instance
only third checked = only mutuals on all instances
third and second checked = followers only
third and first checked = only people I follow

@astrum also gunna mention torrid (especially since I need to go bigger). I found this site SO helpful for figuring out what sorts of things I should be wearing and really helped me to be proud of SOMEthing about my body asap. (even if you're not 'plus size' i think the general thoughts about body shapes go a long way to finding some validation)

@VyrCossont I’m not saying I’m transitioning just for a better class of mutuals


I’m not going to deny that it’s a lovely benefit

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe she did it with make up. It's her decision. Mind your business.

if on the very slim chance you are a trans guy or trans masc non-binary person reading this and going "huh, why didn't Vyr approve my follow req?":

this ain't Twitter, half of everyone has their pronouns in their bio, which is πŸ‘Œ

remember that i have only your bio, your most recent posts, and any interactions i can remember to decide what your deal is. if you didn't interact, you don't toot about transy things, and your profile doesn't have "trans" or "⚧" in it, congrats, you internet pass πŸ˜†

i don't have to explain this but i'm going to. some of my posts have context. if you don't have this context you don't need to be reading them.
β€’ women and feminine enbies share a lot of my experience of being a girl
β€’ trans dudes and enbies in general share a lot of my experience of being trans
β€’ cis dudes and i both have skeletons i guess but i don't do a lot of skeletonposting

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