LB: i have no idea if the Mastodon 3 account migration feature actually works, and also, i have an unending need for headpats

this is a story about lesbians. this is a story about mind-erasing venom. this is a story about a human thrall, and a snake demon, and how they become more than just that to each other. this is Serpentine 3, "Shed Skin":

link CWs: lewd, kink (hypnokink, D/s), explicit sex, one scene of brief violence

previous stories in the Serpentine canon are at

Epilating; gross close-up chest photo 

Epilating; gross close-up chest photo 


@quirk i've only posted two so far; what are the failure symptoms?

@tzo eventual replacement for @VyrCossont but gonna see how it holds up in prod first

spinning up a glitch-soc instance of my own... very... gradually...

I have been on here for a year, and even though I interact with almost completely different people now, this place continues to be a source of joy and support in my life.

You are all wonderful, and I love what each of you bring to this community.

the games trend i'm most hype for in the 2020s is people who were raised on bizarre newgrounds flash games taking the medium in new directions
the games trend i'm most hype for in the 2030s is people raised on shit like "princess elsa dentistry" making bizarre tooth artgames

@annachronism oh my gosh i remember these (from around the time i asked you for an invite to iirc), so good!

Aaaaaaa she drew another! Gods im so in love with this persona

My BFF Chloe drew me as a human tech who works on robot girls, not domming them or anything, just helping and supporting them? (with herself as the robot girl of course) She's no good at coding but can hack the hardware well enough, and always knows just what to say to help someone feel better. And I'm. I'm so frickin stoked. I love this idea so much. Please look at these amazing fucking doodles. She does other stuff at

@hierarchon "Certain viruses (no not bacterial ones), forgetting to maintain against corrosion and degradation, captcha checks, oh and occasionally a door will just *really fuck me up*, y'know?"

hypnokink, bondage, funny 

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