reading "A Systematic Review of KD*P and DKDP Performance in Thaumic Focus Applications" and "Sustainable Sourcing for the Ethical Witch" and wondering who i know at LLNL

knitting little dreams together
out of old colorful yarn
and starlight
and the occasional
cool evening breeze

I would have a much higher tolerance for wacky New Age things if they didn’t inevitably end up in scammy, appropriative colonialist/really horribly ableist territory

I’m down to appreciate some cool rocks and nice scented things and just sit and think about the nature of consciousness but the minute you say some anti-vax shit I’m out thx

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okay, i’ve had a bit of time to calm down and reflect after my interview.

fuck google.

(open to questions and comments)

@occoris @Sapphicgiraffic @LexYeen also nobody fucking @ me about misandry on this but all eng recruiter *dudes* are a special level of trash

you are not my friend

we do not know each other

do not act like it 😡

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@Sapphicgiraffic @LexYeen every single programmer/computer scientist i've ever met: is autistic or adhd or otherwise neurodivergent with related sensory or processing needs

every single computer science/programming recruiter or interviewer or process i've ever heard about: designed by or for someone who is Desperately and Uncritically neurotypucal

@occoris @Sapphicgiraffic @LexYeen i'm so sorry, this sounds like a horrible experience 😖

the processes are always high-churn hell. Google is an absolute shitshow for their size, and once took six months and four different recruiters, none of whom knew fuck-all, to get me a "no"

@Sapphicgiraffic @LexYeen There are precisely two fields where interview skills ace a a tight correlation to job performance: sales & HR

Hey #mastodev which videoconferencing system sucks the most?

@andi i don't see an option for the absolutely horrifying Zoom (which has like five different kinds of UX that have been inflicted on me, all of which are nightmares)

but none of the Google options are wrong 😒

@mxsiege i'm glad you got some use out of yours! mine were either dysphoria generators, fashion disasters, or eventually, didn't fit over my curves

think i'm down to a ski parka and a pair of flip-flops now 😅

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@velexiraptor my advice is to have a secondary writing project that is lower stakes and more personal to someone. Like everyday you're going to write a haiku to share with a friend or something. That way you get continual positive feedback from your creations and it engages the headspace for you to potentially tackle your other writing projects.

Uma motioned for calm as they complained. “No. You discover them. Take the runes that will work for your goal. When you come to a gap in your knowledge, reach for a shape from your life. Nothing complicated—like any rune, you'll draw it over & over— but yours. You take that & PUSH your history into it, right into the empty part of the spell.”

In the ruin of their world, Uma still found herself smiling at her students. “You’re pretty much putting your life into your spells. And it works.”


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