"lesson of the evening" (short fic, D/s) 

if you're trying to reach me on demon.social from monsterpit, i guess try here on cybre.space instead for now

there's some routing issue between demon.social and monsterpit 🤷‍♀️

i'll bother their admin when i have the spoons

catgirl: doc, i can't fall asleep most nights, my brain won't shut off even though it's dark and i'm tired
catgirl: i think i have insomnyaa〜

vet: adorable

catgirl: hey asshole this is actually a major quality of life issue for me

vet: say it again!

catgirl: ugggghhhh
catgirl: fine
catgirl: insomnyaa〜

vet: 😍
vet: ok let's start with a trial pack of Nyaambien to see how you tolerate it

catgirl: i hate that you're the only vet around here that takes my job's nyaansurance

The cat stood watch at the foot of the bed while his witch thrashed and screamed. An empty glass bottle bounced from the bed to scatter into shards across the floor.

Her flesh roiled, sometimes skin, sometimes scales. Her bones creaked like old wood. And at times, her eyes were wide and full of fire.

The cat understood only a little. He knew she was changing. He knew she was afraid. And he knew he loved her.

So he kept watch and waited to see what she would become.

#microfiction #TootFic

and now i must answer the question of why demon.social is not sending outgoing toots 🤨

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@vyr surprise, surprise, the disk filled up. sometimes i actually do miss Pleroma.

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demon.social's acting up so if you can't reach me at @vyr that's why. looking into it.

@VyrCossont @webweaver apparently the original version of pan de peace is extremely boring, but the gay communist fansub is excellent!

here's an article abt it coughingx2.wordpress.com/2018/ and you can actually download it from here lastsubs.neocities.org/

i wasn't the gay communist who made it but i'm super proud of them :blobhearttranscat:

@chaomodus it actually *is* inheriting the nice value: running nice in an ssh session after making that change results in -5 instead of the expected 0.

which is probably *good*, now that i think about it, so long as i don't start anything aggressive. being able to schedule sshd but not the login shell or other processes that it starts might result in just moving the problem a little.

time to see if it actually helps the problem of not being able to ssh into a CPU-overloaded system.

@chaomodus checking it out now, just gotta remember where i left the one machine in the house that runs Linux and has a keyboard and monitor attached 😅

@chaomodus for sure this is not as simple a question as it seems, but it's a fun one

@chaomodus without control of that, one potential self-own that i could see goes like this:

1. log into hi-pri sshd
2. run hoggish maintenance task
3. oh no, it's running at the same nice level as sshd
4. at least it dies when you disconnect
5. unless it spawned any disowned/reparented/otherwise autonomous processes

for example:

1. log into hi-pri sshd
2. start tmux
3. run hoggish maintenance task
4. oh no, it's running at the same nice level as sshd
5. and it won't die when you disconnect

@chaomodus thanks!

i wonder if there's a way to control how sshd-spawned processes inherit the nice value from their parent. this could happen anywhere between sshd and the login shell, i suppose.

@chaomodus yeah, looking into this now. someone on Reddit also suggested using memlockd doc.coker.com.au/projects/meml to pin sshd and login-process-related stuff into memory, which might help if they're not huge

@chaomodus i could, but i'd rather do the opposite with sshd, since that way the fix is applicable to many more scenarios

@vy or at least default configuration in the systemd service file for sshd, right?

probably also need to figure out a way to keep sshd itself from being eaten by the oom killer

usually when i get a runaway it's CPU or memory that's the bottleneck, not file descriptors or network or disk space or anything more exotic, but the usual sites are full of people throwing up their hands and going "nah bro just reboot and run the offender at a lower priority", which strikes me as a bad approach

@vy well that's not a great situation in nearly-2020 🙁

i wonder what the worst case scenario is if i give the SSH server a priority bump in its service definition file. easier DDoSes? if the thing's on a VPC it hardly matters

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