okay, i’ve had a bit of time to calm down and reflect after my interview.

fuck google.

(open to questions and comments)

@Sapphicgiraffic no question, no real comment, just agreement. fuck google.

@LexYeen like, in the first place, i doubt any strong correlation between interview skills and job performance or between test taking skills and job performance.

in the second, google’s interview methods are actively hostile to the neurodivergent. i even made disability accommodation requests ahead of time and the interviewer basically ignored them so...

@Sapphicgiraffic @LexYeen every single programmer/computer scientist i've ever met: is autistic or adhd or otherwise neurodivergent with related sensory or processing needs

every single computer science/programming recruiter or interviewer or process i've ever heard about: designed by or for someone who is Desperately and Uncritically neurotypucal

@occoris @Sapphicgiraffic @LexYeen i'm so sorry, this sounds like a horrible experience 😖

the processes are always high-churn hell. Google is an absolute shitshow for their size, and once took six months and four different recruiters, none of whom knew fuck-all, to get me a "no"

"not all recruiters" take that nobody asked for 

@occoris @Sapphicgiraffic @LexYeen also nobody fucking @ me about misandry on this but all eng recruiter *dudes* are a special level of trash

you are not my friend

we do not know each other

do not act like it 😡

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