tfw there's no use in worrying now, and all you can do right now is get ahold of some rhubarb

@webweaver these are just routine occurrences on Yakitate Ja-Pan!!, arguably the world's best anime about baking bread

@VyrCossont @webweaver is it as good as pan de peace gay communist fansub tho

@00dani @webweaver there's a what now

is Pan de Peace good with or without the gay communist fansub? were you one of the gay communists?

@VyrCossont @webweaver apparently the original version of pan de peace is extremely boring, but the gay communist fansub is excellent!

here's an article abt it and you can actually download it from here

i wasn't the gay communist who made it but i'm super proud of them :blobhearttranscat:

@VyrCossont you're very welcome! it's pretty short, like a half-hour all up? but also excellent :blobcatsip:

@00dani @webweaver @VyrCossont Oh. My god. I've just finished episode 3 so far and this fandub is absolutely incredible
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