tfw there's no use in worrying now, and all you can do right now is get ahold of some rhubarb

tfw you try to make a croissant dough with as many layers as a tart dough

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tfw totally oblivious to how much your preserved loquat roommate is into you

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y'all it's almost over. i'm about to start episode 69 (nice)…

i ended up watching the first episode by accident, alone, a few months after starting HRT, in the corner of a mostly empty viewing hall at an anime con at night, wearing a witch-print skirt and an acute feeling of combined dysphoria and social anxiety.

i couldn't sleep and i didn't want to go back to my hotel. just happened to wander into the room where the show being screened was about a bunch of people making bread. lucky i did…

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because that's exactly what i needed that night.

been watching it in short bursts ever since.

objectively, it's maybe not a great anime. some of the parodies and puns are obscure to the point of obtuse, the plots are predictable even for a parody of the shonen genre, and some (not all) of the bread stuff is nonsense. also, it's really, really long.

but, it's far from problematic, it's chill, it has heart and i like it, and i'll fucking fight anyone for Yakitate Ja-pan!!

now let's land this!

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@shoofle honestly if you stopped watching at the end of the first arc i don't blame you, or the second. the third arc's a slog in parts.

@VyrCossont is distantly recall having watched all of this series when I was in high school, and yet not once have I actually remembered anything in any of these screenshots.

@fluxom_alt the show is so long, and has so many brief weird scenes that i've been cherrypicking from, that you shouldn't be surprised

@VyrCossont I remember watching the first season of this anime years ago but I am so lost.

@jaycie i started somewhere in the first arc on my personal instance with (you may need to search the URL to get your instance to load it, because Pleroma?) but, uh, more individually-out-of-context screencaps probably won't help 😅

@VyrCossont No worries! I think I'd have to watch it myself.

@webweaver these are just routine occurrences on Yakitate Ja-Pan!!, arguably the world's best anime about baking bread

@VyrCossont @webweaver is it as good as pan de peace gay communist fansub tho

@00dani @webweaver there's a what now

is Pan de Peace good with or without the gay communist fansub? were you one of the gay communists?

@VyrCossont @webweaver apparently the original version of pan de peace is extremely boring, but the gay communist fansub is excellent!

here's an article abt it and you can actually download it from here

i wasn't the gay communist who made it but i'm super proud of them :blobhearttranscat:

@VyrCossont you're very welcome! it's pretty short, like a half-hour all up? but also excellent :blobcatsip:

@00dani @webweaver @VyrCossont Oh. My god. I've just finished episode 3 so far and this fandub is absolutely incredible

@VyrCossont @webweaver I got very mad at Yakitate Ja-Pan!! for misrepresenting how bread develops flavor as it rises. 😭

@kelbesque @webweaver yeah some of the technical stuff is right, and some of it is wrong, and the recipe they give for rice cooker bread is awful according to the one friend i know who's tried it

but i learned to bake challah bread because of this show. it's weirdly inspiring

@VyrCossont @webweaver oh that reminds me, it's almost Rosh Hashanah, I should bake another challah! A year ago I did this! (CW pictures of dough and bread)

@webweaver @kelbesque see above for explanation and link for previous iteration of my Yakitate Ja-Pan!! tootstorm (you may need to search the URL to get your instance to load it, because Pleroma?)

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