"My God, woman! You've got the face of a wood nymph and the body of Ryan Gosling!" — judge, GBBO, admiring a baker's rye-kneading muscles

everybody on this show is *obsessed* with something called "sponge", which is alternately too wet, too dry, or a cursed flavor

the bread episodes are a refreshing break in a sea of quite frankly terrifying English desserts


@chaomodus i'm told there's an episode where they try to make "American pie"; i'm expecting this to be _amazing_

mind you, as an American, i'm also of the opinion that our best traditional desserts (for example, TastyKakes) are generally not based around "sponge", but a combination of chocolate, industrial texture additives, and enough corn syrup to cause diabetes by mere proximity

@VyrCossont @chaomodus American pie probably just means a sweet pie cos British pie is usually savoury (i.e. if you say pie here people think of a savoury pie, you have to specify if you mean a fruit pie)

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