the LGBT standard was refreshed to LGBTQ and most recently LGBTQIA, but you may see the following proprietary extensions in older equipment:

LGBT 2000
LGBT for Workgroups
μLGBTQ (embedded only)
LGBTQ Creative Cloud

On older hardware, I've also seen LGBT/2, LGBTlink (as well as LGBTlink 2), and Pop-LGBT as well.

@a_breakin_glass @VyrCossont @KitRedgrave PL/GBT can be very useful in the hands of a skilled practitioner.

@VyrCossont It should be noted that some cistems will attempt to pass "LGB" equipment as adhering to the standard. DO NOT BE FOOLED.

@orrery @VyrCossont in fairness, LGB was the ad hoc standard of its day, but that was a good couple of decades ago and it's just hopelessly limited and quite unsuitable for modern use. not to mention plagued by compatibility issues.

@VyrCossont I'm waiting for the 'GAY Express 16x' interface myself.

"LGBTQ Creative Cloud"
Yuck. Gender and sexual identity as a subscription service.
"Sorry, your subscription has lapsed, you will now be straight although you get your choice of male or female."

@kurtm they make a lot of noise about continued updates and new features but kissing girls just got slower and slower with every release

@maloki @VyrCossont
You forgot OpenLGBT
But it seems it has already been forked.

@rghvdberg @maloki @VyrCossont But some project members are unhappy with the politics of the project and fork it into freeLGBT

@VyrCossont @ellied Wait, but should I wait for lgbtWQHDia or LGBT4KIA before I adopt the standard? Will there be a supported upgrade path?

@tbr @ellied depends on who you ask in the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Industry Association (LGBTQIA)

@lyliawisteria unless you're targeting hardware playback, you can just shove it in an LGBTQ-4 Part 14 container because it's already valid


LGBT enterprise edition
LGBT 20th anniversary re-release

@VyrCossont just till we have the first major compatibilty breaking version: LGBTQ 2.0

@howaboutudance again LGBTQIA is the current standard and the LGBTQ 2.0 working group should never have existed in the first place. it was the XHTML 1.1 of gender

@VyrCossont is there an upgrade path from the old Sapphic/370 and system/gay stuff?

@VyrCossont distant howls of "this is GNU/LBTQ erasure" from a thousand semi-related comment sections

@VyrCossont pretty sure there’s also ROG (Republic of Gays) hardware built around some of the standards

@Christian Dani beat you to the Type-C joke three hours ago sweetie


QUILTBAG is a source compatible reverse engineered implemention with a more permissive license.

@VyrCossont While I understand that your post was made to get a laugh out of people, and it even got one out of me, upon looking at it all I could think about how dumb the LGBTQIA Acronym is and why MOaGI (Marginalized Orientations and Gender Identities) is a better name for the community.
BTW, good job with the humour, that was a well made joke :)

@nikkie2571 MOAGI or MOGAI is never gonna see action anywhere other than Tumblr.

SGM/GSM might have a chance due to occasional academic or government use (hopefully SGM because GSM is also a standard for cell phones)…

@nikkie2571 but i think we're realistically going to be working with variants of LGBT(Q?)(I?)(A?) for a very long time in most contexts.

i'd really especially like to see the I get stabilized in style guides; intersex people are constantly conflated with trans people, but have legal and medical issues distinct from those of trans people, yet they tend to get ignored. (of course, there's a fair number of people that are both intersex and trans.)

@VyrCossont Tsss. I'm gay and I find it's becoming really like, pfffff..... Why no many letters ? What the fuck ????? It's kind of dividing the community with many "labels".

@VyrCossont and yet I still prefer
Queer &Questioning;
Transgender & Takataapui;
Bisexual & Bicurious;
Asexual & Androgyne;
Gay & Genderqueer & Genderfluid
... and its a patchwork bag that is bigger on the inside

Any one know which exchange will support the fork of LGBT-Cash and LGBTABC?

@VyrCossont @scanlime
There's a project to to build an umbrella standard that supports all previous lgbt-variants under the name GSRM (not to be confused with GSM-R) but there's a bunch of uncertainty on implementation details and adoption remains low

@VyrCossont Early implementors of the LGBT standard used the X-LGBT header, which must be supported for legacy purposes. In part because of the necessity for legacy support of X-headers, the IETF has as of deprecated prefacing experimental headers with X.

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