the LGBT standard was refreshed to LGBTQ and most recently LGBTQIA, but you may see the following proprietary extensions in older equipment:

LGBT 2000
LGBT for Workgroups
μLGBTQ (embedded only)
LGBTQ Creative Cloud

On older hardware, I've also seen LGBT/2, LGBTlink (as well as LGBTlink 2), and Pop-LGBT as well.

@a_breakin_glass @VyrCossont @KitRedgrave PL/GBT can be very useful in the hands of a skilled practitioner.

@VyrCossont It should be noted that some cistems will attempt to pass "LGB" equipment as adhering to the standard. DO NOT BE FOOLED.

@orrery @VyrCossont in fairness, LGB was the ad hoc standard of its day, but that was a good couple of decades ago and it's just hopelessly limited and quite unsuitable for modern use. not to mention plagued by compatibility issues.

@tseivara @VyrCossont now i unironically want to make that. look what you made me do

@tseivara @VyrCossont as well u should. i havent used bsd in ages, might be nice to go back to it

@enginqueer @VyrCossont me either, work uses debian so I haven't touched anything else in a year

@enginqueer @tseivara i use BSD every day it's called macOS 😎

oops /Library/Extensions/LGBTQIA.kext won't load 'cause it's not signed 😭

@enginqueer my mom predates BSD, she's more of the "in my day we had to toggle in our bootloaders from the front panel and that's the way we liked it" kind of girl. also "always number your punch cards, Vyr".

mind you she's been using Macs since the Lisa/Mac XL and is still salty about some of the UX changes since System 6

@VyrCossont I mean I was salty about the changes from System 9 to OSX so I get it

@VyrCossont I'm waiting for the 'GAY Express 16x' interface myself.

"LGBTQ Creative Cloud"
Yuck. Gender and sexual identity as a subscription service.
"Sorry, your subscription has lapsed, you will now be straight although you get your choice of male or female."

@kurtm they make a lot of noise about continued updates and new features but kissing girls just got slower and slower with every release

@maloki @VyrCossont
You forgot OpenLGBT
But it seems it has already been forked.

@rghvdberg @maloki @VyrCossont But some project members are unhappy with the politics of the project and fork it into freeLGBT

@VyrCossont @ellied Wait, but should I wait for lgbtWQHDia or LGBT4KIA before I adopt the standard? Will there be a supported upgrade path?

@tbr @ellied depends on who you ask in the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Industry Association (LGBTQIA)

@VyrCossont What about all my early nineties gear which still runs LGBToken Ring?

@molly absolutely, because haven't we all been the token 😬

@VyrCossont The Firefox <lgbt> element, soon to be superseded by the WebLGBT+ API

@lyliawisteria unless you're targeting hardware playback, you can just shove it in an LGBTQ-4 Part 14 container because it's already valid


LGBT enterprise edition
LGBT 20th anniversary re-release

@VyrCossont just till we have the first major compatibilty breaking version: LGBTQ 2.0

@howaboutudance again LGBTQIA is the current standard and the LGBTQ 2.0 working group should never have existed in the first place. it was the XHTML 1.1 of gender

@VyrCossont is there an upgrade path from the old Sapphic/370 and system/gay stuff?

@VyrCossont distant howls of "this is GNU/LBTQ erasure" from a thousand semi-related comment sections

@VyrCossont pretty sure there’s also ROG (Republic of Gays) hardware built around some of the standards

@Christian Dani beat you to the Type-C joke three hours ago sweetie

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