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warning for all the dudes that just followed me or even faved any of my posts

every "cis" "boy" who's ever followed me on the Fediverse becomes a trans girl or an enby or genderqueer or something after a few months

no exceptions

i don't know how it happens, i pretty much just make tech+gender jokes, but i'll see you at the pride parade next year

i'll be the tall one with the hair

so will you

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hi. i used to toot a lot from @VyrCossont and now i'm here. i'm a relatively recently minted trans lesbian so that's all i talk about.

i know next to nothing about actually being queer, but i love cooking and assume i'll eventually be a superweapon on the queer potluck house party scene. you wanna win your next one? lemme be your plus one.

you "don't think you can win a house party, Vyr"? babe, you're gonna enjoy watching me prove you wrong.

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okay, that's not _all_ i talk about. sometimes i have opinions about woman's best friend, the computer, which i believe makes me unique on this site.

also, if you're into fluffy, sometimes horny stories about awkward succubi and such, please check out my writing at and let me know what you think.

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Unsecured : LGBT
Secured : LGBTS (LGBT over HTTPS)

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Going through some shit -at CVS

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probably been asked before but if you were designing a fishing minigame..... would you use a Poisson distribution?

@robocephalic @TeethTeethTeeth
the lesbian rogue in the party: I want to roll to seduce the dragon

GM, leaning forward, fingers tented: I will allow this.

@Kaypar @TeethTeethTeeth Point it at a dragon whose been kidnapping princesses, have it fry at her massive lesbian energy because nobody asked her before and dating can be hard, okay

@TeethTeethTeeth I didn't realize that Detect Gender was a spell that needed to be in my homebrew setting but I'm sure as hell writing the rules for it now

we need more non-christian-mythos demons in media

trying to figure out where to kick the test user generator so it won't ever log me in with a dude's name ever again 😒

Practice IS how you’ll improve your art. There really isn’t any other way. It just needn’t come at the expense of your emotional well-being. Resting, being in nature, experiencing totally different kinds of art are all great too.

Sometimes I sew to learn, stretch, and grow. Sometimes I do it to self-soothe. Sometimes I nap or walk or read or play video games instead.

Seeing a couple people post about #inktober and I’ll throw in my two cents about such events.

I love finding ways to challenge myself to do things I haven’t done before.

I do better with breaks.

I do better with repetition a few times.

Daily things don’t fit everyone, including me. There’s no particular merit to it! I’d recc just following up on things you find interesting or challenging. Stretching and forgiving yourself.

You’re not a brand. You don’t owe people a WAY of doing art.

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