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warning for all the dudes that just followed me or even faved any of my posts

every "cis" "boy" who's ever followed me on the Fediverse becomes a trans girl or an enby or genderqueer or something after a few months

no exceptions

i don't know how it happens, i pretty much just make tech+gender jokes, but i'll see you at the pride parade next year

i'll be the tall one with the hair

so will you

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hi. i used to toot a lot from @VyrCossont and now i'm here. i'm a relatively recently minted trans lesbian so that's all i talk about.

i know next to nothing about actually being queer, but i love cooking and assume i'll eventually be a superweapon on the queer potluck house party scene. you wanna win your next one? lemme be your plus one.

you "don't think you can win a house party, Vyr"? babe, you're gonna enjoy watching me prove you wrong.

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okay, that's not _all_ i talk about. sometimes i have opinions about woman's best friend, the computer, which i believe makes me unique on this site.

also, if you're into fluffy, sometimes horny stories about awkward succubi and such, please check out my writing at and let me know what you think.

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"lesson of the evening" (short fic, D/s) 

if you're trying to reach me on from monsterpit, i guess try here on instead for now

there's some routing issue between and monsterpit 🤷‍♀️

i'll bother their admin when i have the spoons

catgirl: doc, i can't fall asleep most nights, my brain won't shut off even though it's dark and i'm tired
catgirl: i think i have insomnyaa〜

vet: adorable

catgirl: hey asshole this is actually a major quality of life issue for me

vet: say it again!

catgirl: ugggghhhh
catgirl: fine
catgirl: insomnyaa〜

vet: 😍
vet: ok let's start with a trial pack of Nyaambien to see how you tolerate it

catgirl: i hate that you're the only vet around here that takes my job's nyaansurance

The cat stood watch at the foot of the bed while his witch thrashed and screamed. An empty glass bottle bounced from the bed to scatter into shards across the floor.

Her flesh roiled, sometimes skin, sometimes scales. Her bones creaked like old wood. And at times, her eyes were wide and full of fire.

The cat understood only a little. He knew she was changing. He knew she was afraid. And he knew he loved her.

So he kept watch and waited to see what she would become.

#microfiction #TootFic

and now i must answer the question of why is not sending outgoing toots 🤨

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@vyr surprise, surprise, the disk filled up. sometimes i actually do miss Pleroma.

Show thread's acting up so if you can't reach me at @vyr that's why. looking into it.

@VyrCossont @webweaver apparently the original version of pan de peace is extremely boring, but the gay communist fansub is excellent!

here's an article abt it and you can actually download it from here

i wasn't the gay communist who made it but i'm super proud of them :blobhearttranscat:

hot take: the SSH server and interactive processes connected to an SSH session should get an automatic priority boost over whatever other runaway service bullshit is happening in the background

having to use a virtual serial console to spank an overloaded VM back to normalcy is something that i should not have to do

anyone else run into issues like this, or am i doing something wrong?

all the boy scouts did was make me a better dyke—
• camping, fishing, hiking, etc.
• tying knots
• knives

it’s basically prep school for transbians

"War", I say, picking ornament shrapnel and pine needles out of a gash on my arm, "war never changes"

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them: what app is that?

me:'s just a social media thing...

them: oh? Can I-?

me: no no! this is, uh, a network for gay witches for communism. you wouldn't be interested...

the music is a major reason why i will always support our troops in the war on christmas

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Why did they call it arson when crime brulee was right there

lewd, NSFW, sex and genitals of hellspawn 

The werewolf held a dainty bouquet. Three carnations and a green ribbon.

Snow dusted her hair and fur, tail wagging hopefully at every stranger who approached only to droop when they passed by.

"You could wait inside," suggested a waitress.

"No, I said I'd be waiting by the door."

The waitress glanced across the cafe, at a vampire clasping three carnations, green ribbon, in her pale hands.

"We have two doors."


#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy #LGBTQIA

tired: using the dsm as a monster manual
wired: using the monster manual as a dsm

"i diagnose you with illithid"

ugh another dream of bizarre rituals and incantations. oh well everyone gets em.

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