Good morning! Today is a public holiday in Germany and the weather is good. So I will start slow, do my language reviews and then take a longish walk.

Thanks to @RebelleCunt for being a collaborator

million thanks to @marxxndotphoenix for being such a dope ass homie & co host as usual on #BWIF and asking v interesting questions

and thank you fedi for joining us


in case anyone needs some encouragement today or this week: its okay to suck and not do shit right. like, you're literally a person hurtling through the cosmos on a weird rock and on the level, everyone is fucking up, all the time. people that look perfect just fuck up quieter. they're a fucking mess but not proud enough to claim it.

perfectionism is a tool of capitalism. fucking up and just owning to fucking up is punk as shit. be a loser today and come out swinging when you feel better.

Today is Friday, which means tomorrow is #BWIF day!!

@ArtistMarciaX & @RebelleCunt will be premiering their short film, "Rebelle".

Join us as we live toot while we watch, then q&a after.

7pm CET

Watch at:

#BWIF watch party is BACK!

Join @marxxndotphoenix , @RebelleCunt & I for the premiere of our short film "Rebelle'!! This Saturday join us! We'll be doing the same format, live tootin' & a QA after wards.

Sat May 16
time zones:
6 UK
12 MDT
11 PDT

The film is set to premiere so get on your youtubes & set your reminder!

#film #blackart #sexwork

Sometimes I wonder why I like early 90s arcade games so much. It's not that I have any nostalgia for them as I was too young to experience the hype back then and Germany had no arcade scene anyway thanks to their gambling laws which included also arcade games and so the youth had no access to them.

Selfie, ec 

The Street Fighter II soundtrack is so perfect. Yoko Shimomura is an outstanding composer.

Street Fighter V 

Street Fighter V 


This week is for you hip hop heads (not that the depth and history of it can be put in a 2 hr playlist) but @Shrigglepuss & I chose our fav's.
I tried to include all women artists and frankly just some of my fav jams


Patrons, would you subscribe to my work in another platform outside of patreon? or is patreon what makes it for you?


I'm Jun. Iraqi Arab and Japanese second-generation immigrant. Agender (ey/em or they/them). Neurodivergent. I can speak English and 日本語.

I like to write (essays and music) and discuss art and media—anime, film, literature, music. I care about semiotics, culture, linguistics, critical theory, and decolonization. I enjoy building communities and I care deeply about the political organization of people of color.

I'm a synthesist anarchist. I don't get along with authoritarians.

I'm super excited that the next #BWIF day is *this* Saturday (16 May)!!

Join @ArtistMarciaX @RebelleCunt & I for the premier of "Rebelle", a short film the two of them made!

We will live toot as we watch, then have a q&a after.

7pm CET
6pm BST
5pm GMT
1pm Eastern
12pm Central
11am Mountain
10am Pacific

if you have less than 200 hours in a multiplayer game you have not learned even a 1/3rd of that game. no amount if youtube videos can give you the information that simply playing the game will give you

I love Street Fighter V and seeing that I make slowly progress is so satisfying. Fighting games are a treasure and I'm a bit sad that I never took the time to learn one before.

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