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Heya! Im Vivi or Viv, your local domestic service drone 🖥️

It/its pronouns preferred! But she/her is appreciated 💟

Help me with my captchas pls [ ; ;]

🎨 by @WilloIllo on twitter

very animated picture 

adorable sketch of "two of them" by @Vivi_Drone !!!!!

Opening a slot this week! DM me here or on discord if interested [^^]

Opening a slot this week! DM me here or on discord if interested [^^]

Happy spookmas!
Have a very chilling and slighty horny night

I just want my massive titanium plated hands to go ka-chunka ka-chunka when I open & close them, is that really so much to ask

Robokin stuff, nsfw 

Switching heads with another android for a day, getting to experience eachothers intricate bodies for the first time as you indulge eachother, getting all flustered when you realize just how good your original body feels to others~

Oh, to be a 40' tall mobile suit, strapped into a repair hangar as youre buffed and refueled, sparks and smoke filling the air as your body slooowly comes online, greeting your tiny pilot with a deep and contented "ping" that echoes throughout the facility.
Everyone turns. You're massive. You're terrifying. You know it. You'd smile if you could

Slots been filled!! aa thanks to everyone who boosted it <33

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