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Today’s scones are orange, cardamom, and poppyseed, made with white whole wheat flour so I wouldn’t have to fight the tannin-ey flavor of wholemeal red wheat flour. When I’ve got the base recipe down, I have some ideas for more assertive flavors to use with ordinary whole wheat. Chai-spices with candied ginger, for example.

I think I’ve figured out what’s going wrong when versions with larger sized add-ins fall apart on me. The recipe doesn’t use enough fluid to account for how dry the flour is when it’s stored in the ‘fridge (to avoid pests & prevent staleness). Also discovered this time around that egg wash is vastly easier to apply evenly than cream.

(P.S.: Why is my pic upside down? It’s correctly oriented in the phone gallery. Hope that’s just a preview glitch.)

Invasive carp 

Since has been going around, I figure it’s as good a time as any to make note of the species under the umbrella of “Asian carp”. They’re invasive in North America, Europe, and probably other regions I don’t know about.

They are (clockwise from top left) the black carp, silver carp, grass carp, and bighead carp. If you catch ‘em while fishing, please kill ‘em. And then eat them—they’re tasty.

*Especially* juveniles, so they don’t get the chance to breed.


First try at an entirely whole wheat quickbread.

* Waiting until the bananas are almost inedible (sugar spots starting to merge) gave it a strong flavor that could stand up to the tannins in wheat bran
* Has a nice lingering little bite from same tannins
* Doubled walnuts from original recipe without overpowering other flavors

* Not as moist as I was hoping for. Still good, but not perfect. Next time use additional bananas (6-7 total) and/or more oil.

Foodcrimes: Nixtamal (AKA hominy) from scratch 

Today: Loosened remaining hull bits by rubbing corn kernels between my hands, rinsed 'em thoroughly to remove the last of it. Added fresh nixtamal to broth that's been going in parallel. In a couple more hours, it will be posole.

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Pokemon Go, assistance request 

Hey, folks. I've got four research quests pending on 'make new friends'; add me and I'll throw gifts at you from time to time?

Boosts are ok. This post will be deleted when quests are complete. :)


NtS: Next time, make the fish stock stronger.

Still tasty, though.


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