Predictions for the future of 2020s discourse:

* "Degenerate is a reclaimed slur now"
* "A failing capitalist empire is Actually Existing Anarchism if you're clever enough to thrive in liminal spaces"
* "New research is in, and it turns out meat & cigs are just plain healthier than soy and vapes, sorry not sorry gamers lol"
* "Strong AI is impossible because it's a type of homeschooling"
* CIA claims there's a secret genocide in Tibet and all that people can think to say is "Holy fuck I can't believe Fullbright Company predicted this"
* "Digitigrade OCs are a grooming mechanism"
* "You should earn an ethics-and-standards license before you are allowed to write code" (licensing requirements and procedures controlled by Google and Raytheon)

re: "Re: Tibet, genocide" 

@Verdigris Washington Post (owned by Jeff Bezos) and other Amerikan newspapers love to cite Falun Gong, Adrian Zenz, Radio Free Asia, and other related shell-orgs as their sources - a fundamentalist religious cult, a fundamentalist religious espionage figure, and a CIA cutout respectively - and then these papers all mindlessly cite each other's articles that cite those sources to build up the image of legitimacy. You will excuse me if I treat these rags like the psyop toilet tissue they are.

re: Re: Tibet, genocide 

@argr On one hand, fair, I should've taken the time to dig around for better sources. On the other hand, the Chinese governments' known shitty treatment of the remaining tiny community of Kaifeng Jews makes the claim of forced assimilation intrinsically plausible to me.

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