COVID-19: Vaccination vs. the Variants 

Okay, so with the U.S. general eligibility date rapidly approaching, it’s come to my attention that some folks don’t realize that the ability of variants to partially dodge the human immune system makes it way more important to get vaccinated than it already was.

Why? Because even if the virus evolves enough to gain ability to infect people who’ve been vaccinated—a harder challenge than getting a second round on someone after natural infection—the head start that your immune system receives will still *keep you from dying*. In point of fact, all of the vaccines currently available in the U.S. & Europe are so effective at preventing death that even with millions vaccinated but still short of herd immunity, there isn’t yet enough data to put a number on how often it fails to preserve life.

For all practical purposes, that means even if you become infected, vaccination reduces the severity of COVID-19 s.t. your odds of death become infinitesimal. So please get your shots.

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