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Today’s scones are orange, cardamom, and poppyseed, made with white whole wheat flour so I wouldn’t have to fight the tannin-ey flavor of wholemeal red wheat flour. When I’ve got the base recipe down, I have some ideas for more assertive flavors to use with ordinary whole wheat. Chai-spices with candied ginger, for example.

I think I’ve figured out what’s going wrong when versions with larger sized add-ins fall apart on me. The recipe doesn’t use enough fluid to account for how dry the flour is when it’s stored in the ‘fridge (to avoid pests & prevent staleness). Also discovered this time around that egg wash is vastly easier to apply evenly than cream.

(P.S.: Why is my pic upside down? It’s correctly oriented in the phone gallery. Hope that’s just a preview glitch.)

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Technical issue, test 

Testing whether Amaroq uploads this image right side up.

Technical issue 

Hey, @chr & @nightpool, there appears to be a web-client issue with uploading images not taken in what a phone considers its ‘upright’ position. I’m told the rotate-for-display info is stored in an images’ EXIF data, and it seems to not be getting parsed.

I don’t suppose you know whether there’s any push to get that fixed?

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@Verdigris On the picture being upside down, Frost had that happen to him yesterday. Probably when your camera took the picture it stuck a thing in the file metadata saying "rotate the picture 180° when you show it" and Mastodon's totally ignoring that.

Technical issue, test 

@Verdigris *blinks* hey it's right side up here too!

@Verdigris @chr It looks like you're uploading these images using Amaroq. Mastodon implements EXIF image processing on the front-end to rotate the images into the correct orientation. Amaroq needs to implement a comparable feature or advocate for a way to do it on the backend (I don't remember exactly why we chose to do it on the frontend in the first place, maybe @Claire does)

in the meantime, you should be able to upload images through and have them rotated into the right orientation! sorry for the inconvenience

@nightpool @Verdigris @chr from what i can see, the images uploaded through Amaroq do look correctly oriented while it's the opposite for the images uploaded through the WebUI

i'm not sure why this failed on the WebUI, we do have code to take the rotation info into account

(why we do the rotation client-side is because we also do resizing before uploading, and when we do that, the rotation info is lost)

@nightpool @Verdigris @chr some browsers do the rotation themselves, some browsers don't, so back in April 2020 i implemented a workaround to detect that
as seems to be quite old, it may be missing that fix?

@Claire @Verdigris @chr that makes sense, thanks! will look into the situation on my end although I might not have time to do an upgrade here until the end of the month

food, cooking 

@Verdigris Hey, how hard are these to make? Would you mind giving us the recipe sometime?

re: food, cooking 

@muggle Shall do!

I’m using the recipe base from Sally’s Baking Addiction: (for substituting in whole wheat flour, aim for 225g rather than 250g, or measure volumetrically, to account for the extra fluid that whole wheat flour absorbs.)

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